Nerdlocker Comic Book Review – Batman and Robin #20



Batman and Robin #20
Writer: Tomasi, Peter J.
Artist: Gleason, Patrick
Cover Artist: Gray, Mick
On Sale Date: May 8, 2013
Publisher: DC Comics

Bruce has lost his son and as anyone can only imagine it has been diffucult for him to come to grips with. I know it must be harder in the comic book world to deal with a situation such as this when so many other characters have died and come back to life including bruce wayne. What is a father to do when he has to bury his son, for no father should. I have to hand it to Peter Tomasi for doing such an awesome job on his run of batman and robin. I was especially impressed with the silent issue #18 and how much emotion he has been able to pack into each issue. Bruce has really sunk pretty low in terms of finding a way to bring damian back. For what Jason Todd and even I thought was a renewing of a past partner ship was only just stab in the back. Bringing Jason to the very spot he was murdered to coax some information out of him was coldblooded and Bruce deserved getting beaten and left in the desert. Is his decent into madness at an end or is Bruce only just beginning next issue will tell.
I give this is issue 5 out of 5 nerdskulls

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