Nerdlocker! – Bad Teacher Video Review

 Nerdlocker! – Bad Teacher Video Review

Brandon gives his review of Bad Teacher. For more info on comics, video games, movies and anything else nerd, check out, a place for your inner nerd.


I'm a true child of the 80s from a small town near Cleveland, Ohio. My all time favorite topics are Star Wars, slasher films and Cleveland sports (despite the misery it causes). I narrowly avoided law school, instead choosing film school. I have been accused of being a walking IMDB, but I take it as a compliment!

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  • Brandon, as a teacher myself, I’m used to teachers being presented as morons, lazy, incompetent, and/or corrupt. This representation in media is frustrating when one knows that most of my colleagues and I work our butts off and are some of the smartest, selfless people.

    Does this film presents teachers in any kind of a positive light? Is it obvious that Diaz’s character is a characature (like the cheerleader coach in Glee) who would never be an actual teacher.

    Will I find the film amusing or upsetting?

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