Horrible Bosses Movie Review

A movie review of upcoming Horrible Bosses. Set to release July 8th.


Last night I went and saw Horrible Bosses starring Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, and Jason Bateman; among many others. I went into this movie not expecting much. I didn’t think it was going to be over the top or droll comedy. I ended up laughing right off my chair.

Horrible Bosses is about three guys stuck in jobs where they would be heading some where promising if not for the people above them in the chain of command who are yanking their leashes without mercy. Eventually, this can make even the most obedient pet snap at you like Cujo. Of course, they decide to do the only logical thing at a time like that, plot murder.

Knowing what the movie was about was almost something that would be negative for the movie going in. The plot seemed a little too obvious and unoriginal. Thankfully, I was able to see the movie and see it for the comedy gold it really is. Bateman, Sudeikis, and Day were the perfect triforce of comedy. They bounced off each others lines flawlessly. All three of these actors were cast to play who they are naturally. A fact that might turn some people away, but don’t let it divert you from seeing a hilarious movie, because it is those personalities that we needed for this level of comedy to be reached.

The notable thing about this movie is that it knows what it is. A comedy with one-liners that will keep you laughing well into the next scene. Especially scenes with Charlie Day. I love watching It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia for the over the edge jokes that never stop coming. He carries over this practice in this movie. One scene in particular comes to mind where he has to talk dirty to Jennifer Aniston while being attacked by a deranged Kevin Spacey. Yes, this movie gets THAT crazy.

On the topic of Jennifer Aniston, I just want to say that this movie reinvented her as a woman for me. Fortunately for the audience, Aniston had the daunting task of playing the boss who has issues with Sexual Harassment. As you can imagine, this caused noticeable changes of position by most of the male audience members. You could cut all her lines from this movie and make your very own Jennifer Aniston Dubbed porno. Light Bulbs are turning on everywhere.

Kevin Spacey lit a fire of hatred inside of me that only he could. He plays the biggest asshole boss of them all to Bateman in the film and plays it well. So well, in fact, that I must wonder where he received his motivation from. His level of evil would be commended by the dark lord himself. If nothing else, he will make you thank your lucky stars for the boss you DO have.

With other supporting roles played by Jamie Fox, Colin Farrell, and Donald Sutherland this movie will have you cracking up even on the walk out of the theater. Horrible Bosses comes out in theaters on July 8th. Go see it and come back here to tell us what you thought in the comments.

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