Cosplay Girls of Motor City Comic Con 2014 – Flawless


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When people dress up for a comic convention they draw a lot of attention – especially the girls. So I took some time to talk to a few of the young ladies who donned costumes and asked them why they did it and overall what their experience was like.

All of the young women said that they chose to cosplay because it’s fun. They enjoy portraying characters and that it is a theatre of sorts. They all admitted that they liked the attention they received.

They also admitted, however, that sometimes the attention they receive goes too far. Some of the young women said that they really didn’t have any incidents where they felt extremely uncomfortable, but that sometimes they felt odd when asked to pose certain ways or if a photographer took a lot of pictures.

Some young women reported some pretty startling experiences where they’ve had men who posed with them make sexual innuendos or even grope them. But these young women, while disgusted and outraged by such behavior, admitted that in these experiences were in minority. For the most part, those who ask for pictures are flattering and respectful.

So, remember guys and gals. Just because she dresses like Poison Ivy doesn’t mean you get to climb all over her. And be polite to all those Catwomen and Black Widows, they scratch and bite.

So as a tribute to the Motor City Comic Con ladies who love cosplay, here’s a little video we at Nerdlocker made for you. We wanted to set it to Beyonce’s “Flawless” but she threatened a law suit unless we could whup her sister in an elevator fight. Regardless, remember not to care about people out to judge you. Just tell them, “I woke up like this!” Because you’re flawless.

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