Comic Book Review – Unity #1


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Unity #1
Writer: Kindt, Matt (check out our interview with Matt here)
Artist: Braithwaite, Doug
On Sale Date: November 13, 2013
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

I’ve been following the Valiant universe very closely since its resurrection and I’m pleased to say they have turned out another hit. Unity isn’t so much an event or team up book as it is a reward for readers who have stuck with the new Valiant. Seeing so many staple characters from this line in the same panels was a delight for me, which I have not experienced in a long time. It’s a cohesive event unencumbered by too many cooks in the kitchen. It’s safe to say this is only achievable through the careful management of these characters and the limited continuity that Valiant Entertainment’s resurgence has brought about. This is what DC’s New 52 should have been.

Matt Kindt seems to be one of the most wanted writers in comics today and this issue proved to me why. In this first issue of Unity he brought together characters from some of the best comics in the Valiant stable and done it in a believable way. This event brings us back to the story in the last issue of X-O Manowar, with Aric seemingly out of control and staking his claim on a modern day Romania as his own. Kindt seems to be able to capture each characters personality in a way that is not forced but seems effortless and natural. The book also wisely focuses on the characters of team Unity and not Aric of Dacia. The dialogue is exceptional throughout and I will be picking up the next issue.

The art and coloring in this title are also very high caliber, with very expressive characters and breathtaking backgrounds. There is a panel that is shown twice in which a food item is depicted in such great detail it almost looks like you could eat it off the page. Dough Braithwaite does an excellent job of giving each character weight and importance in his illustrations. As a fan of Ninjack I was in love with his rendering of the ninja for hire. I hope that Braithwaite stays on this book, if not at least for the first arc.

Unity #1 is a refreshing book in a sea of disappointing event books this season. I was very impressed with this first issue and I hope the creative team can stay together and continue this level of quality, plus Ninjack!!!!

I’m giving it 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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