Nerdlocker Can’t Wait For E3!

The Nerdlocker crew talks about what they are excited to come from E3.


E3 has started and the crew here at Nerdlocker can’t wait for all the exciting news that will come from it. With the chance of both Nintendo and Microsoft releasing a new console and so many games possible being released the excitement can’t be withheld so we decided to have some of the crew write about what they were most excited for.

Jim Palmquist

I am extremely excited to see the new consoles to be released. There has been a lot of speculation, specifically with X-Box and Nintendo. I have no doubt the 720 will be cutting edge, but to be honest, I’m more interested to see what Nintendo has up its sleeve. I seriously thought they were done after the Gamecube. They had already made it known they refused to compete with Sony and Microsoft in the graphics and speed game, so how could they possible stay afloat? Not only did they stay relevant, they slaughtered the competition with the Wii. With that innovation in mind, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. And of course the rumor that the flagship title for the new Nintendo console would be the latest Zelda game does not hurt either.

Jazmin Gardner

Howdy there nerd! Jazmin here with what I am most excited for from E3, and that is all the new video game news. Specifically, any new Bioshock Infinite news or demos. I don’t think there has ever been a game creep me out yet enthrall me as much as the Bioshock series. I’m definitley going to be frothing at the mouth when I get my hands on every morsel of info I can about the new 2K Games installment. Maybe it will be an official release date or just some more of those amazing graphics, either way I’m all sorts of excited.

Steven Henderson

I can’t wait to see what Nintendo announces with Project Cafe. I can’t say that I think it will be good at all, but I am just curious as to how they will try to make a console that will have a 6 inch touch screen on the controller. To me it sounds like they are just trying to make there’s the big next thing by integrating any idea that has ever been done and anything they can think of. Part of me thinks it will go horrible wrong but after the Wii and how successful it was you have to give Nintendo there chance because they may surprise you. Whether its successful or not I still can’t wait to see what it is.

Hopefully these things will all happen and much more during E3 so make sure to keep your browsers on Nerdlocker for all the news and updates from this years E3.

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