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The Microsoft E3 keynote finished not to long ago and there was a lot of kinect news released. Regrettably no new consoles but at least there is a whole slew of new kinect games in the works.

The keynote started out with some trailers for Modern Warfare 3 and for Tomb Raider. Nothing new announced with it other than showing off how it looks. It then moved on and Peter Moore announced that 4 new sports titles will be coming to kinect – PGA, Madden, FIFA, and one that will be announced later.

Dr. Muzyka then came onto the stage to announce that Mass Effect 3 will have voice recognition built in. This  will range from you being able to choose what Shepard says by saying it or even using it to control your team during a battle.

Then they announced that Ghost Recon will be Kinect compatible and revealed some new features. Not only will you be able to control the game with Kinect and use voice commands to control your team but you will also be able to customize your weapons, not only by appearance but even down to every piece that is inside of the gun.

Next they did a lot of smaller announcements. For instance Youtube, bing, and Television will all be available through the Xbox and even more so through the Kinect. The example they used is someone sitting on the couch and going “Xbox jersey shore!” Although I don’t think you want to watch Jersey Shore over you’re Xbox… it might get a virus.

Next they showed trailiers for Gears of War 3 and Ryse. The most interesting thing about this portion of the key note was that Ice-T helped present it. I guess if you don’t have enough to show of your game show a b-list celebrity.

They then went on to announce several Kinect exclusive games including Kinect Disneyland, Kinect Minecraft, Kinect Star wars, Kinect Sesame Street, Kinect Fun lab, Kinect Sports Season 2, and Dance Central 2. Things of note from this portion are that for Kinect Star Wars you will be controlling the force by pushing and pulling but that the creators were quoted in an interview as saying “we didn’t want users to end up looking like the star wars kid from youtube so we made sure that not only did you feel cool playing but you looked cool.”

Finally they announced that there will be a new Halo trilogy Halo 4 coming out in the holiday season of 2012.

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