Give The Gift Of 99 Cent SEGA Games This Valentine’s Day!


Nothing quite says Valentine’s Day like snuggling up with your significant other by a cozy fire, iPod in hand with Sonic rushing through the Mountain Zone. It won’t get you laid like those diamond commercials, but it’s Sonic, man! To help you realize this dream date, Sega has taken the initiative and lowered some of their best selling games to under a buck. A penny under a buck to be exact.

You can find an entire list of every discounted game below and because we’re feeling the love too, you can click each game to be taken directly to the iTunes store to download. And you said we never do anything nice for you.

Oh, and if you don’t pick up Ecco the Dolphin, you are really dumb, for real.

Capcom (all $0.99):



Sale ends on Feb. 15.

Source: SEGA

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