Enter The Drug Addled Super Mario Bros. Movie That Should Have Been!

SXSW Indulges Us With This Amazing Mario Bros. Trailer


As you know, SXSW is going on as we speak and a ton of cool things are happening in Austin while we all toil away at our desks working for the man. The apex of music, art and film is happening and we’re stuck staring at a computer screen while attendees of SXSW are being treated to such gems as a trailer of a real-life Super Mario Bros while you toil away wasting the best years of your life giving yourself carpal tunnel over a worthless Excel doc.

Lucky for you the interwebz are full of wonderful and mysterious things my friend and this mystical trailer has made its way to the fascinating information highway so even if you’re not lucky enough to be at SXSW, you can watch all the wonderfulness from the dismal setting of your desk.

Here is Joe Nicolosi’s interpretation of a drug-addled Super Mario Bros., in the vein of Dr. Coolsex’s viral Doug the Movie trailer. Enjoy yourself.

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