Reveal Trailer for Dead Island

Watch in horror as Techland unveils their newest video game, Dead Island.


Technland has released their first trailer for Dead Island, a zombie video game focusing on the humanity of a zombie outbreak rather than the action sequences. Never before has a video game trailer created so much emotional tension and overtones of a short film rather than what it truly is. Taking hints from AMC’s The Walking Dead, the art direction, editing, pacing and the music are all beautiful and spot on. Kudos to Techland for their cinematic view! Take a look and feel your heart sink as you watch the horror.

Who ever continues to argue that video games are not an art form had better start biting their tongue now because this trailer absolutely, without a doubt proves that they are.

A big thank you to my Tennessee filmmaker friend (yeah, that would be you Anthony) for turning me onto this video game trailer. I can honestly say that I have never been this moved by a video game in my entire life.

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