Batman: Arkham City Trailer Introduces Gameplay!

Take the fight for Gotham to the streets...of Arkham City!


The newest trailer for Batman: Arkham City was unveiled today and it introduces the one aspect of the game that we’ve all been waiting patiently for…gameplay! As you can see from the trailer, Batman will now be able to dive from the buildings of Arkham City on to unsuspecting goons or for faster travel. You know the old saying, “Have Bats Will Travel.” Oh that’s not right.

I can’t wait for this game to drop and this trailer surely doesn’t disappoint. Check it out below for some amazing game play mechanics and a pretty rocking classic rock soundtrack!

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  1. Was that Hugo Strange at the opening? This game (and DC Universe) make me wish I had time to play video games like I could when I was in college. Ah, those were the halcyon days!