Watch The Full Blinky™ Short Online Now!

 Watch The Full Blinky™ Short Online Now!

This is the newest of many short films directed by Ruairi Robinson. The Irish film maker is most known for a short he directed back in 2001 called Fifty Percent Grey. Which was nominated for an Academy Award. Check out the full film after the jump.

The film is about a boy who is dealing with the constant fighting of his parents. He gets a helper robot for Christmas and through neglect and depression, mistreats it. There can be consequences for mistreating your pet robot. The short stars Max Records from Where The Wild Things Are.

You can download his other short films on his website [Rauiri Robinson]


I'm a man of tomorrow still holding onto the joys of yesterday. I miss Nick cartoons, and Power Rangers but I cant get enough of the Time Lords, and Serial Killers we have now. My many distractions include computers, movies, comics, and I like to imagine my life story would be scored with a mixture of Death Cab, A3, and a lot of Kid Cudi. We've entered the Geekological Revolution. A time of Vulcan Death Grips, drinks with friends on Tatooine, and attempting to build a freeze ray. Things have changed, muscle headed bullies. The Nerds rule the world now, and we reign SUPREME!

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