What If Super Mario Was A First Person Shooter

At Nerdlocker, we take Nerdery VERY seriously. Sometimes we get the opportunity to see two different forms of Geekdom come together to produce a very beautiful thing. Seeing Super Mario Brothers being played as a First Person Shooter is the perfect example.

I'm a man of tomorrow still holding onto the joys of yesterday. I miss Nick cartoons, and Power Rangers but I cant get enough of the Time Lords, and Serial Killers we have now. My many distractions include computers, movies, comics, and I like to imagine my life story would be scored with a mixture of Death Cab, A3, and a lot of Kid Cudi. We've entered the Geekological Revolution. A time of Vulcan Death Grips, drinks with friends on Tatooine, and attempting to build a freeze ray. Things have changed, muscle headed bullies. The Nerds rule the world now, and we reign SUPREME!

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  1. Marilyn Sanders

    August 1, 2011 at 8:15 AM

    I love all the Mario games…I just don’t like when you play up in the air like that…it makes my stomach hurt & I always kill myself:(

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