Mondo Artist Jay Shaw Helps with funding Austin Indie filmakers via Kickstarter.


One of Nerdlocker’s favorite artists, Jay Shaw (known to many for his amazing art work including recent work with Mondo), is creating a limited edition print for this film. This numbered poster will NEVER be available outside of this Kickstarter project!

This would be an amazing chance to help a great Independent Austin based production called “What’s the Use?” via their Kickstarter and to pick up a rare piece of artwork by Jay. A donation of $50 dollars will not only help Nicole Elmer’s production, but it also gets you the exclusive print.

Check out some of Jays recent work and revisit an artist interview we did with him recently.

Just a quick note… Jay is currently working on the design, so we don’t have his final print yet, but we will sneak a few peeks as we get them.

Producing a Kickstarter project requires little more than computer access, a functioning camera, and some old-fashioned wit.

Not anymore, it requires hard work and enticing rewards like Jay’s screen print, digital downloads of the finished film, T-shirts and even your name in the credits when the credits sequence rolls.

Stay tuned for a sneak peak when Jay has one for us.

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