Introducing The Triforce Tuesday Gang Sign!


Have you and your homies been looking for a way to rep Triforce Tuesday without risking your street cred?! Well, look no further faithful Nerdlocker reader as we unveil the amazing Triforce Tuesday gang sign! Now, whenever your Hyrulian rap battles get heated and you need to declare a victor, you can throw up this sign to celebrate. Don’t raise this up in front of the wrong crowd though homie, I heard that Ganon’s crew has it out for us. Coy Mittle Wit’ It!

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      1. Slidin thru. It’s actually a food cart van thing that also has a restaurant. Suprisingly insanely good. I have no idea if it even will be up since they took a crap load of pics and are only putting some up. If I see it I will send you a link.