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If you have been following the past few seasons of Bates Motel on A&E, you will know it’s a psychological prequel based on our favorite cross-dressing serial killer Norman Bates. It’s not just a show based off the character from Psycho, but a compelling look at his dysfunctional family and his “too close for comfort” relationship with his mother, Norma. Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore bring their “A” games in these roles and make it almost uncomfortable at times to watch. But when you get past the incest, there are some great concepts that mix well with the underlying story of Norman Bates and his ride to insanity. Just think organized crime, incest, taxidermy weed, and a lot of great supporting characters.

The past two seasons have left the audience wanting more and gotten a glimpse into the future of young Norman. He has this charm and innocence filled with darkness and he is compelled by his compulsion. In some ways, we are getting a glimpse of tragic events that will take place in the not so distant future. The once blossoming relationship between Norma and Norman slowly dissipates as the show progresses and bodies start to line up in their rural town in the Pacific Northwest.

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The newest trailer shows some traumatizing images of a dead woman in a pond, Norman’s dead teacher and the song “Ain’t It Great To Be Crazy” playing over the footage. But the one image that screamed “Psycho” was when Norman grabbed the blouse out of the closet with a sigh of relief. Could this be the “change” that he is talking about in the trailer? And is the beginning of the Norman we all know from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960’s classic film? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out on March 9th when season 3 premieres.

Who is watching Season 3 in their favorite Norma Bates dress?

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