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This is meant only for those that are up to date on the show. DO NOT read on if you aren’t. I am writing spoiler filled reviews in hopes of creating a debate/conversation for each episode. No insulting comments will be allowed. Positive comments only!

Episode 605: The Mad King

Heavy lies the crown.

I state this every time and every time it becomes truer than previously thought possible; the pile is equivalent to a skyscraper at this point, metaphorically speaking of course. As in all third acts the finality of the character’s actions are far more severe in the consequences they bring. In seasons 1-4 they were dropping pebbles in the water creating a small ripple effect. With the previous and current season huge boulders are creating tidal waves with tsunamis on the horizon.

With Toric dead and gone the D.A. only has one option to connect the shooting to the club and that is Tara. It’s thin but with Tara’s yearning to escape the wrath the club drags behind it the D.A. might just have some leverage to hold over her. Jax and company are seeking the location of Galen for a supposed attempt at peace and a possible new deal that he hopes will keep the Kings happy and allow the M.C. to get out of guns and away from violence once and for all. Tara is still seeking a means of escape from the town, the club, but I think most of all, the self-proclaimed queen, Gemma. Gemma is still playing her games trying to pry the boys away from Tara through Wendy.

Jax is unable to find Galen, learning that he already made his way back to Ireland like the coward he is. However, he is able to obtain a phone with a number to an Irish King and so he makes contact. He explains his offer that August Marks would like to handle the distribution into California and so the Kings tell Jax they will mull it over and get back to him. Unfortunately for Jax the Kings have already made up their minds. People of any race other than white are not welcome partners in the world of the Kings, but Jax made the offer regardless and it turns out to be one of his biggest mistakes yet.

Galen and clan have one sole provider in mind to continue the gun business in California and it sure as hell isn’t August. Clay is their man, and that would be okay but they have no intention of simply letting the club go. In a very ominous and foreshadowing tone Galen states the ties with the club must be severed. Jax makes contact with one of the Kings to get an update and he is told two more hours are needed and that a club vote must happen quickly, so Jax explains the table will be full and awaiting their call. With a full clubhouse Jax awaits the call when he spots something he knows to be property of the Irish Kings and so he asks Chuckie where it came from. He explains the delivery man forgot it when he dropped off a fresh shipment of alcohol. Eyeing the keg Jax knows immediately that it is no ordinary keg. In a flash he orders everyone out of the club getting them all out just before the entire clubhouse explodes. Needless to say the Kings’ response to the offer is a resounding no.

SOA logoThey wanted to avoid a war with the Kings but it doesn’t look to be a likely scenario for the club. If it wasn’t bad enough the Sheriff’s department is present at the time of the explosion, when they make an arrest on Nero for the murder of his previous employee. So to recap, the D.A. is still hot for the M.C., the Irish are declaring war on the club, and Gemma is still a conniving backstabbing harlot. Member numbers continue to dive, the clubhouse is destroyed and war is imminent. Just another day in SOA!

I’m not sure if other options could have been taken, but with Jax’s silence among the other members who knows what could have happened had he been more open with them. If there is one thing to be said about the show it is this; Sutter is a madman and fear of angering people doesn’t even occur to him. He writes the show he wants and I am more on board than ever. Death and a lot of it is coming, it’s simply a matter of when and whom. Until the next episode…

Episode Rating Out of 5 Nerdskulls: 5

It was another exciting episode with a lot of story progression that allowed for more clarity when it comes to the Kings’ position with the club. It is clear that although Toric is dead, his influence is still being felt. It just keeps getting better!

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