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This is meant only for those that are up to date on the show. DO NOT read on if you aren’t. I am writing spoiler filled reviews in hopes of creating a debate/conversation for each episode. No insulting comments will be allowed. Positive comments only!

Episode 604: Wolfsangel

And the pile heightens even more.

At the end of the previous episode the body of a dead employee who formerly worked for Nero has been discovered. An anonymous call was placed putting Nero’s vehicle at the scene. He is the prime suspect in this murder investigation but the clues found in his vehicle look a little too suspicious to be a simple open and shut case; the evidence is too clean, too complete, which looks a lot like a set up. The Nazi scum have returned to spread more hatred when they attack Wayne Unser and carve a swastika into his chest with a knife. It is an obvious sign of a malicious message aimed at the club, especially since Unser is found brutalized in a destroyed Teller-Morrow shop. From the swastikas Jax asserts that Darby, an old white supremacist, might not be involved but will certainly know who committed this attack on Unser.

Toric is  not only pushingClay to rat on the club but in his desperation makes a futile attempt at getting Otto to help Toric’s cause. (Talk about pursuing a dead end.) While Toric focuses on Clay and Otto, a president of another SOA charter has shown up to notify Jax that the other charter has opted out of getting into the gun business with the Irish. Jax knows this news will not bode well with the Kings. Bad news or not he has no choice but to confront Galen with this information. Galen, as expected, doesn’t accept this and in a moment of pure betrayal to the club Galen executes one member, Phil, and a prospect, V-Lin, in retaliation for what he sees as disobeying his orders for staying in the gun business and taking a shipment of guns that match the one involved in the school shooting.

SOA season 6Toric brings Clay into the same room as Otto to show him what will happen to Clay if he doesn’t cooperate with Toric. Clay then approaches Otto, says he’s sorry and gives the broken man one last hug at the same time slipping him a shiv to do with what he may. Toric warns Clay that in the morning the abuse will begin and leaves him in his cell to contemplate this. Toric then goes back to Otto asking for his written testimony (He can only write, he bit his own tongue off last season.) with information against the club. Toric frees Otto to write and naturally Otto writes a form of an F.U. to Toric and then with the shiv from Clay he stabs Toric repeatedly before cutting his throat in front of the prison guards. Otto stands and is taken down in a hail of gunfire from the guards; Otto, the man who suffered more than most, is finally dead.

Toric WAS a major problem but now that he is dead, the pursuit of the club in the murder of four school children has been put to the side, for the time being at least. That problem certainly isn’t gone simply because Toric has been cut open. As of now the biggest threat to the club is the angry group of Irish IRA Kings. With the execution of two SOA associated people, it is apparent Galen is not going away quietly, or at all. The club is now stuck with a large shipment of guns matching a school shooting and nowhere to put them. Thinking quickly, and violently, Jax comes to a solution for what to do with the guns. He knows of a hate fueled group who recently attacked a friend of the club (Unser) and concocts a plan of killing the Nazis in retaliation for Unser and then setting up the scene to make it look like an internal altercation; Nazis killing Nazis, simple as that. After the violent end for the Nazis, the club burns down the house with the illegal automatic weapons inside thus separating the club from the weapons.

This is one damn busy episode. People are dropping left and right, members are abandoning the charter, old wounds are opening up and former allies have become enemies. How Jax will navigate out of this one will be nothing short of sketchy, violent and dangerous. It will not be pretty, I can guarantee that much. Otto is dead but at least he went out helping the club one last time. This season so far is the most violent one yet and it’s only episode 4! Tensions continue to build among members and it shows no signs of stopping. The Kings are not just another gang that can be dealt with by usual means; this is a well-financed and organized group that is used to war. The club numbers are dwindling and the only foreseeable future shows signs of nothing but more death which is something the club simply can’t afford. Sutter continues to pull his audience into new, unexpected directions and it is this reason the show is so amazing. Every new episode reaffirms why SOA is my favorite show and I love every episode so far this season. Until the next episode…

Episode Rating Out of 5 Nerdskulls: 5

This is the best episode since the season 6 premiere with lots of death and story progression. Old friends are dead and new enemies have emerged in what looks to be a very rocky season. It’s too early to say but it’s certainly so far in contention for the best season yet, in my humble opinion of course.

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