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This is meant only for those that are up to date on the show. DO NOT read on if you aren’t. I am writing spoiler filled reviews in hopes of creating a debate/conversation for each episode. No insulting comments will be allowed. Positive comments only!

Episode 603: Poenitentia

As with any season of Sons of Anarchy, it always gets worse before it gets better.

Lee Toric is one determined man, but he is also seriously flawed. His weakness, narcotics, ends up causing the death of an innocent woman and through this tragic mistake he sees a way of manipulating circumstances to set up Nero; set up Nero, get to the club. Clay turns Toric’s offer down and faces the men out to kill him for Pope’s death. As death closes in, Clay is given the option of prolonging his life by ending another’s. Jax visits Clay only to be met with an apology for past transgressions.

Jax is currently dealing with Toric coming after Tara; he is attempting to bring the club into a world of legitimacy by getting out of the gun distribution business. The Irish Kings aren’t allowing him to do this without knowing Clay will be there to pick up the slack left over from the absence of the club. Knowing this, Jax is torn; on one hand he desperately wants Clay dead but without him the club will never be legitimate. He asks Pope’s predecessor, August Marks, to keep Clay alive for business purposes. The same man also wants what was originally promised to Pope, Tig’s life. Wendy is very much back into the mix attempting to seriously mess things up for Tara and Jax, as if they aren’t already dealing with enough.

On top of all this, a small issue has reared its ugly face again in the form of the Iranians who believe the club killed one of their brothers. After the Iranians try to kill Jax and the rest, the club finds out who tried to execute them and decide to pay them a visit. Once their very personal discussion is concluded it seems the Iranians have been forced out of town. Whether they stay there or not is the question. Bobby finally finds enough people to go nomad and hopes to leave very soon as his bitterness towards Jax seems to grow by the day. Of course the biggest problem is still the school shooting and eventually the D.A. will find out how an eleven year old boy got a hold of an automatic weapon.

SONS logoIt’s difficult to tell where Sutter is going to take this. We are left with a major cliffhanger when August finds Tig at the torture porn warehouse and Clay continues to breathe. In this episode we see just how far Toric is willing to go to get answers. Once a lone, retired U.S. Marshal, he now has the backing of the D.A. He even has a badge. Now that he has power he’s suddenly a lot more dangerous, and this could seriously change the entire spectrum of what’s to come.

I’m not sure Jax will ever achieve his goal of going legit; it seems to be too much of an uphill battle with giant boulders rolling down in the path of where he’s trying to go. Lies spew from every direction, from nearly every mouth and who’s telling the truth is a mystery most of the time. That’s the beauty of this show; not necessarily knowing who to trust but simply making a choice of who to believe and hoping for the best, with a majority of the time spent dealing with the serious consequences of that misplaced hope. And I can’t forget to mention Wendy and her apparent mission of ruining her ex’s life and no doubt using that to get her estranged son back. Every new problem is another wrench in the gears and as the series nears its finality, there is no way of knowing what will happen. This is the kind of show that would happily end its series run through utter despair and horror. Until the next episode…

Episode Rating Out of 5 Nerdskulls: 4

This episode had more going on than last time and it certainly gives a grim look into the future and what it holds for the club. Excellence still guides the show with every new episode.

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