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This is meant only for those that are up to date on the show. DO NOT read on if you aren’t. I am writing spoiler filled reviews in hopes of creating a debate/conversation for each episode. No insulting comments will be allowed. Positive comments only!

Episode 301: Bitchcraft

In this new season of the highly acclaimed anthology series, Coven begins its tale showcasing Madame Delphine LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) and her exploits of those she sees as a lesser species, slaves to be more exact. She wants youth and tries to attain it through the fresh blood of those she tortures. She collects the blood and brushes it on her face saying that it tightens the skin. What she doesn’t realize is one of the slaves she tortured was attached to a woman by the name of Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett), who seeks revenge for LaLaurie’s atrocities committed against the slave. She slithers her way into LaLaurie’s home with the promise of a serum filled with vitality, and of course through her unceasing vanity LaLaurie drank it, quickly realizing the true motives of Laveau’s presence in her home, revenge.

It has been 300 years since the Salem Witch Trials and although things have calmed since then, a danger is arising once again to threaten the very existence of witches everywhere. After a shocking incident in Zoe’s (Taissa Farmiga) life her mother admits to a secret that has lived through their bloodline for ages – she is a witch. Although she has power she is unfit to control it at this point in her life; she needs some “professional” help from those equipped to do so. So Zoe, amidst her tragedy, is taken to a school for exceptional young girls (it is a school for witches). Upon her entrance she is met with some other “talented” young ladies, Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts), Nan (Jamie Brewer), and Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe). Shortly after their very intrusive introduction, Zoe is saved from their immaturity by Cordelia Foxx (Sarah Paulson), the head mistress of the school.

The number of witches in the current era is fading quickly and it is Foxx’s aim to teach the girls to be weary of their surroundings and how to build, yet contain, their abilities so as to not draw attention. What Foxx didn’t anticipate is the unwanted arrival of her mother, the Supreme witch, Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange) who believes the only way for survival is to fight rather than hide; essentially the opposite of Foxx’s intentions for the girls. It isn’t long into Zoe’s time there that trouble finds her again in the form of Madison Montgomery, the shallow washed up movie star; she is the typical stereotype of what you might expect from someone with her background. She acts superior to everyone and thinks it’s a privilege just to be around her, and in her “charity” drags Zoe along to a local frat party. Naturally the party becomes dangerous as Montgomery flaunts herself in front of drunken frat guys who have access to drugs that will make her a lot less… unwilling. These are some stand up guys, aren’t they? Among the filth that these guys are is a decent young man Kyle Spencer (Evan Peters) who tries to stop this crime in progress. Remember, alcohol is in high volume so even a fellow frat brother can’t stop them from trying to get away with it.

As the frat guys make their escape, Kyle chases them onto their bus where they knock him unconscious. The bad decisions never stop with these morons. As the walls begin to close in and deep into a drunken stupor, they hijack the bus hoping to make a clean getaway. Of course they could have never anticipated that the actress they just raped is in fact a merciless, vengeful witch who now has a bone to pick. As Zoe stands watching the bus drive away, Montgomery steps in front of her and in an instant causes the bus to flip killing nearly everyone aboard, everyone but two. When Zoe met Kyle she felt an immediate connection with him and when he dies in the crash she visits the man who started this whole situation, one of the only survivors, and revenge kills him with her *ahem* scary nether area.

Something they try to convey to the girls is that they each have a unique gift and by the end of this chapter we learn just how powerful Nan really is; she has the ability to sense other’s thoughts, a kind of medium. This ability of hers leads to a major discovery in the city of New Orleans. It is believed that when LaLaurie was tricked by Laveau her body was hidden away never to be seen again and she was dead of course… right? Until the next episode…

Something you must do if you are new to this show is know that anything you think might happen probably won’t and what does happen is nothing you could have ever imagined. Ryan Murphy is one deranged individual, but it is through this depravity that the show truly shines. It is a unique series among a slew of overdone genres like cop dramas and singing competitions. Believe it or not the creator of this show, Murphy, also created the very boisterous show, Glee. That just goes to show that we all have a dark side, he just turned his into a television show.

Episode Rating out of 5 Nerdskulls: 5

The season premiere contained a lot of information but laid it out in a coherent fashion as well as an entertaining one. The series star, Jessica Lange, was top notch as always and it’s so awesome to see some other old faces make a return to this show. Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and Taissa Farmiga among others are of course all AHS alumni from seasons 1&2. It’s only one episode in but it’s already taking off with a bang. I’m certainly excited for what is to come.

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