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If you have been keeping up to date with American Horror Story the past four seasons, you are probably catching onto Ryan Murphy’s clues. There are many conspiracies going around as how all of these seasons intertwine. And Mr. Murphy seems to get a laugh at all of the fan theories, but won’t say if any are in fact true. What we learned in season 4, besides it getting progressively worse each week, is that there was a re-occurring top hat in many episodes that many speculators believed was connected to Area 51 back in the 1950s and the premise for the upcoming season. The newest reports do not seem to look that way with the recent Season 5 Hotel casting of Lady Gaga, in an un-titled role.

According to the Huffington Post,

Lady Gaga has joined the cast for the next season of American Horror Story, FX confirmed on Wednesday. Gaga also announced the news in a video on Twitter, which revealed next season’s theme: American Horror Story: Hotel. This will be her first starring role on TV.

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With this casting, many theorists are starting to dive deeper and put the pieces together as to how a Hotel is the missing piece in this Ryan Murphy puzzle. Other easter eggs that make an appearance in the first and last episode of season 4 had to do with the Garden of Allah Hotel, a famous Hollywood hotel in the 1920’s. So if there is a “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon” moment here, maybe all of the seasons will tie together with season 5 and see how these characters interact in the American Horror Story universe. If the upcoming season does take place in Hollywood, maybe there will be a connection with the first season in LA and the Black Dahlia murder? All I know is that AHS starts off really great then fizzles out as the seasons progress, mostly in season 3 and 4. The Lady Gaga casting was quite peculiar, but I can see her being an intricate character of the season, and bringing a fresh new face to the series. I am not a huge fan of Gaga’s music, but I can admit that she is talented and her eccentric personality won’t be the weirdest thing we have seen in AHS.

Hopefully, we will get some more casting, premise and answers in the upcoming season of FX’s American Horror Story. For now, we will all have to listen to Lady Gaga records backwards and find the true meaning to American Horror Story.

Are you excited about the newest season of AHS?

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