Squadt Assembly 20: Playge Pop-Up Shop & Exhibition


CHICAGO – On the evening of Saturday, April 2nd, 2016 (7-10pm) the grand opening of Squadt Assembly 20, a pop-up shop and exhibit by Playge in collaboration with Industry Print Shop, Threezero and Rotofugi went down.

Playge artist Ferg was in attendance for the first Squadt Assembly, and excited fans were able to choose from a variety of 6-inch Squadt designer vinyl figure bodies and then assemble their own creation from an array of options. Now Rotofugi is doing it again, but bigger and better. Squadt Assembly 20 features the debut of the long-awaited 20-inch tall Squadt!


Attendees of the opening reception had a choice to pick either a 20-inch Squadt or a 6-inch Squadt with Gassed helmet (or one of each) and then choose from a variety of weapons, lenses, accessories and garments to complete their very own custom figure including a few extra special in-store only exclusive options! The excitement was in the air as you can tell by the pics below.

To up the ante and bring the number of custom options to an insane number, Playge has partnered with Industry Print Shop to perform live screen printing during the grand opening. Attendees where not only be able to choose from an array of garment options, but will then they where able to choose from a selection of artwork by Ferg and friends to be screen printed on them while they waited!

And just like the previous Squadt Assembly there was a selection of other Playge/Squadt themed merchandise and home goods available including prints and t-shirts.

Special guest squadt t-shirt designs included: (live screen printing on squadt sized garments)

Aaron Horkey
Mike Mitchell
Michael Sieben
Travis Millard
Rob jones
Jared Connor
and Bobby Dixon.

And designs from FERG of course.

DJ Sean Doe rocked the house during the opening to enhance the vibe. Ferg and folks from Industry print shop, including Mexican Chocolate, Jarod Connor, where in attendance to meet with fans.

I had a moment to ask FERG how he felt the opening reception went and about the all around vibe of the fans.

The opening was awesome. Super positive vibes from everyone, and considering all of the moving parts (choosing of the gear and garments and then live screen-printing) everything went smoothly thanks to the folks at Rotofugi and Industry Print Shop. I think with this one, there was something for everyone..and It seemed like everybody had a really good time.
We will definitely do another one!- FERG

The pop-up shop will be in place through May 1, 2016.

Enjoy some opening reception photos.

Rotofugi – located approximately 2 miles northwest of downtown Chicago (aka The Loop) at the intersection of Lincoln, Diversey and Racine. For public transportation take the Brown Line to the Diversey stop and walk two blocks west.

2780 N Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614

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