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Her Take on Mondo & Disney’s Never Grow Up Gallery

Growing up, we didn’t have much more than family portraits on our walls. Sure, living in Alaska provided us with a few prints here and there of a fireweed framed view of Denali, but we were limited to what was in our backyard. There’d been lithographs from our local stores or the cinema if you […]Read More

VersuS: TRON vs. Blade Runner

UPDATE The results are in! You guys were great. Let’s be honest, you made the right decision. I say that because I was pulling for TRON. Rainbolt was really stomping hard for Blade Runner. As you can see from the final count, it was close, but Phase 1 of VERSUS goes to TRON! Thank you […]Read More

Cartoons: How the Clone Wars and Tron: Uprising have raised

Cartoons. This word almost instantly makes the average adult think of Saturday mornings, when children would be crowded around a television set, bowl of cereal in hand and vegetative to the queries of the parents. For some of us fogies old enough to remember, Saturday was not only cartoon day, there were also the seemingly […]Read More

Return to the Grid

In 1982, a legacy was born. This legacy introduced us to a theological take on life, and God through the eyes of computer programs living in a world known as the Grid. It introduced us to light cycles, light tanks, recognizers, bits, and a human programmer in the roll of the savior that was thrust […]Read More

Tron Legacy: Draft Punk dopeness

After watching Tron Legacy over the weekend I have to say one of the many highlights of the movie was the sound track and seeing the creators of the sound on the big screen.  Here’s a couple of Tron-o-sized pics of the digital duo I found on one my favorite art websites abduzeedo.comRead More

Two Amazing Tron Art Prints by Eric Tan!

You’ve heard us talk about Tron: Legacy on many different episodes of our weekly nerd show: Nerdlocker! Whether we were talking about the amazing (ARG) viral campaign, Flynn Lives, or our general excitement for the continuing saga; Tron: Legacy is high on our radar of badass movies. So it should come has no surprise that […]Read More

Tron Enters the Grid! [NSFW]

I must admit that many of my early fantasies center more on slave Princess Leia versus Yori from the original Tron, but thanks to Playboy, I have completely changed my fanboy ideas of sexy. Take my advice, check out these fantastic pics. Oh and blah, blah, blah, they aren’t save for work. For more info […]Read More