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Nerdlocker Movie Review: Jurassic World: Dominion

“Dinosaurs may be extinct from the face of the planet, but they are alive and well in our imaginations.” – Steve Miller This franchise has gone the way of actual dinosaurs, extinct. Franchises like Mission: Impossible have the unique distinction of improving upon itself with each new entry. Jurassic Park and all of its subsequent […]readmore

Nerdlocker Movie Review: Terminator: Dark Fate

Terminator has always been an odd duck, having two classic films followed by absolute garbage. When the bad far outweighs the good most would agree it’s time to hang things up. But then you wouldn’t be Hollyweird, land of beating a dead horse to a pulp. I think it took so many half assed efforts […]readmore

Double Feature #16 with Cake Blissken

Welcome back for more! Meow, If you’ve got nothing better to do, head on over to your local video store, search your favorite legal or illegal online subscription movie sites, check your personal DVD or VHS collection and track these bad boys down. Meow grab some delicious and nutritious sweet treats, a refreshing beverage and […]readmore

Trailer Trash Talk: Terminator Genisys

I’m a huge fan of the Terminator franchise. In my humble opinion, T2 is the height of cinematic accomplishment. Granted the series declined in quality, but I have still been thoroughly entertained with each entry. I have also found great pleasure with the comic book series coming out of Dark Horse comics. If you haven’t […]readmore

Terminator Genisys Super Bowl Promo

I love the Terminator franchise. Yes even Salvation. And if you haven’t read the great Terminator comic book stories coming out of Dark Horse, you need to get on that immediately. As for the last movie, let’s just say I’m pessimistically hopeful. Sadly we don’t learn much from this trailer that we didn’t see in […]readmore

Mondo Gallery Show First Look – Jason Edmiston – A

Say hello to Jason Edmiston, a Toronto-based artist who works his magic with paints, watercolors and other mediums. Mondo Gallery here in Austin, Texas has had a piece of Jason’s work in more than a few of their gallery shows in the past and they are always nothing short of amazing. Finally Mondo will be hosting […]readmore

Nerdlocker! Episode 22

This week the gang discusses topics like the Preacher, The Amazing Spider-Man, Cannonball Run remake and much much more. For more info on comics, video games, movies and anything else nerd, check out Nerdlocker.com, a place for your inner nerd.readmore