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Nerdlocker Movie Review: Morbius

“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” – James Joyce I’m cautiously optimistic that DC may be learning from past mistakes and might actually be pivoting in a positive direction. Sony and its MARVEL properties on the other hand? It would seem they are very much still lost in the dark that is their own blindness. […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review: ETERNALS

“We all want to break our orbits, float like a satellite gone wild in space, run the risk of disintegration. We all want to take our lives in our own hands and hurl them out among the stars.” – David Bottoms As more and more new heroes and villains are introduced into the MCU it’s […]Read More

Grey Matter Art Presents Spider-Man Vs. Punisher by Raid71

Grey Matter Art, under license from Marvel, teamed up with artist Chris Thronley (Raid71) for a new officially licensed, limited edition screen print for the iconic superhero, Spider-Man. They are continuing the Vs. series with Chris, this time featuring everyone’s favorite badass, Frank Castle, a.k.a. Punisher. Check out the final results for yourself: Spider-Man Vs. […]Read More

Grey Matter Art Presents Florey’s Faceoffs

Florey is back with his latest project, Florey’s Faceoffs from Grey Matter Art and it’s a instant classic! In the history of comics, there are few battles as epic as the fights between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. src=”http://www.nerdlocker.com/nrd/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Antman_Var_Final-400×600.jpg” alt=”” width=”400″ height=”600″ class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-56762″ /> Spider-Man Artist: Florey Size: 16″ x 20″ Edition Size: […]Read More

Grey Matter Art at New York Comic Con!

New York Comic Con is upon us and Grey Matter Art came prepared! If you’re in town, head on over to Booth #3064. First, let’s check out their officially licensed Marvel products: Marvel’s Spider-Man Vs Vulture Artist: Raid71 (Chris Thornley) Size: 24″ x 36″ Edition Size: 150 Price: $45.00 Printed by: VGKids Marvel’s Spider-Man Artist: […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review – Captain America: Civil War

“With a solid plot, incredible performances from their entire roster (including a few new faces), and some of the best action ever filmed, Marvel Studios has unleashed arguably their best film to date.” There’s a large consensus among superhero film lovers that you cannot be a fan of both Marvel and DC films.  It’s frustratingly […]Read More

Wizard World Comic Con Austin 2014

This year the Austin Comic Con was in early October, competing with Austin City Limits but that didn’t stop the fans from coming to this artistic event. My favorite thing about the Con was to see all the cos-players dressed up and I’m still amazed on how detail and creative some of the costumes were. […]Read More

Figure Eighty – New works by Russ Moore

I grew up in the 80’s. Yes I am that old. But the memories never fade and the things that made those memories where usually a game, a toy, an action figure or a cartoon. Anything that would allow me to drift into my own universe. A universe filled with toxic plastic and small parts […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review: Amazing Spider-Man 2

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Director: Marc Webb Writers: Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, & Jeff Pinkner Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, & Dane Dehaan We are just a month away from the 10 year anniversary to the release of Spider-Man 2 starring Tobey Maguire. I could say that movie stoked the fire that is my […]Read More

Nerdlocker has coverage of 2014 C2E2 Expo

Coverage by our friend and Chicagoan Ray Till. It is that time of year again in Chicago. Time for the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo A.K.A. C2E2. C2E2 has been an Expo since 2010 run by ReedPOP. These are the people that also run New York Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration, UFC Fan Expo and […]Read More

Mike Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo Portrait Gallery

Hello there True Believers! Mondo has teamed up with Marvel Entertainment and artist extraordinaire Mike Mitchell to bring us the coolest superhero team-up this side of the AGE OF ULTRON! Walking through the gallery we saw a combination of his Just Like Us and portraits which included fan favorites like Hawkeye, Thor, Spider-Man, Mysterio, Venom, […]Read More


THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13TH, 2014:  In a first of its kind partnership, Spider-Man will be the first Super Hero ambassador for Earth Hour, the global movement organized by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), with a message to inspire individuals to use their power to become Super Heroes for the planet. Andy Ridley, CEO and Co-Founder […]Read More

Wizard World Austin Comic Con 2013 Photo Gallery

I had the chance to attend Wizard World Austin Comic Con this past weekend and I have to say I was blown away to see how big it has grown since the first time it came to Austin. I saw so many celebrities there including William Shatner, Kelly Hu, Giancarlo Esposito, Stan Lee, Norman Reedus, […]Read More

Cosplay Cutie of the Week! Marvel Comics Black Cat

It’s Monday and that means it’s time for Cosplay Cutie of the Week. Now as you can see from the featured image that got you here we have another Black Cat Cosplay, and who doesn’t like looking at women built like Riki LeCorey in a Black Cat suit? But what you may not realize is […]Read More

An Amazing Reboot

In the late nineties I would sometimes wake up in a cold sweat with nightmares of a clunky suited Mr. Freeze, a Poison Ivy with man hands, a Bane who was reduced to a brute, and Bat-nipples. Then I would realize it was not a nightmare but a memory. I’m not sure if psychologists would […]Read More

Movie Review – The Amazing Spider-Man

With so many renditions of the classic web-slinger floating around, it can get a little confusing, if not frustrating. Experiencing the growth of Peter Parker in two forms can be sort of fun, though; in a completely Nerdy way, of course. Whether it be the comics or the films you love, this year’s The Amazing […]Read More

Jason’s Vault – Spider-man and His Amazing Friends

I remember spending many a Saturday morning watching Spider-man and His Amazing Friends. This show and the Superfriends can be credited as the cradle for my love of superheroes and the beginning days of my nerd-dom. My attraction for red-heads might even be traced back to Angelica Jones, aka Firestar.  I was elated to find this […]Read More