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Nerdlocker Movie Review: Unhinged

“We all go a little mad sometimes.” -Norman Bates (Psycho) Sometimes I think it’s important to let off some steam. In fact I’d argue it’s an imperative part of normal life. If we didn’t ever scream into a pillow or vent to an understanding friend we might go off the metaphorical deep end. We might […]Read More

Double Feature #14 with Cake Blissken

Welcome back for more! Meow, If you’ve got nothing better to do, head on over to your local video store, search your favorite legal or illegal online subscription movie sites, check your personal DVD or VHS collection and track these bad boys down. Meow grab some delicious and nutritious sweet treats, a refreshing beverage and […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review: Concussion

I couldn’t help but compare this as a lesser version of The Insider starring Russell Crowe. While the intention of each film is wholly different the premise of a single man going against a large corporation, a sort of David v. Goliath situation, is very much the same. A whistleblower with knowledge that could damage […]Read More

Movie Review: Exodus: Gods and Kings

My initial reaction once the credits began to roll was; it was too long and yet it felt rushed and most certainly predictable. It seems the glory days of Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven are in Ridley Scott’s rear view mirror, which must have fallen off and broken because he can’t seem to remember what […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review: Noah

If anything can be said about Darren Aronofsky it’s that he chooses the projects he wants and anyone be damned that doesn’t agree with his choices. From the drug induced Requiem for a Dream to the highly dark, twisted and surprisingly entertaining Black Swan, Aronofsky doesn’t really make a quiet movie; that being a film […]Read More