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Her Take on Mondo & Disney’s Never Grow Up Gallery

Growing up, we didn’t have much more than family portraits on our walls. Sure, living in Alaska provided us with a few prints here and there of a fireweed framed view of Denali, but we were limited to what was in our backyard. There’d been lithographs from our local stores or the cinema if you […]Read More

EXCLUSIVE – Tim Pittides newest VICES print OBSESSION

We already know Tim’s VICES series is my favorite art series ever. You can read how enraptured I have about the last year of VICES releases HERE. Tim’s newest VICES print is nothing short of amazing for two reasons. His skill in being able to draw the women in all of his VICES prints is fascinating […]Read More

Designer Ash Thorp Releases ‘The Epoch’ Prints

  Hollywood visual effects designer Ash Thorp (Prometheus, Ender’s Game, RoboCop) has created a series of limited edition giclee prints based on the principles of sacred geometry. For those that aren’t familiar with Thorp’s film work, here’s a taste  —       Thorp has turned his focus away from the big films of Hollywood […]Read More

Coming Soon: ‘François à l’Américaine’ by Laurent Durieux

Tomorrow, Friday, March 13th Nautilus Art Prints will release the first print in their series based on the films of French filmmaker Jacques Tati. ‘François à l’Américaine’ is a stunning illustration from Laurent Durieux of a beloved Tati character from his first film, 1949’s ‘Jour de Fête‘. Durieux brings the joy and spirit of Jacques Tati […]Read More

Evil Tender Presents: In Reference

  On Friday February 20th the art site Evil Tender Dot Com takes over San Francisco’s Gauntlet Gallery with the show ‘Evil Tender Presents: In Reference.’ For the show photographer Holly Burnham was commissioned to shoot a series of photos with model Hattie Watson, the resulting set of photos were handed off to a group […]Read More

Nautilus Art Prints Takes Us ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’

  When Brussels based Nautilus Art Prints launched earlier this year, they set out to bring European popular culture to the forefront. Their first release was Laurent Durieux‘s take on Jules Verne’s ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth‘ followed by Stan & Vince‘s interpretation of the H.G. Wells classic ‘First Men in the Moon.’ […]Read More

Speaking of Boobs…

When waiting in line for a long time, people either have a great time, or a terrible time. I was lucky to be in good company with my poster-nerdy husband. I am a chick who enjoys posters. I mostly live vicariously through my husbands’ collecting, but once in a while a print piques my interest […]Read More

Mondo Artist Jay Shaw Helps with funding Austin Indie filmakers

One of Nerdlocker’s favorite artists, Jay Shaw (known to many for his amazing art work including recent work with Mondo), is creating a limited edition print for this film. This numbered poster will NEVER be available outside of this Kickstarter project! This would be an amazing chance to help a great Independent Austin based production […]Read More