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Motor City Comic Con 2019 (Days 1 and 2)!

Nerdlocker’s tagline has always been “A Place for Your Inner Nerd.” It used to be that there weren’t many places for the inner nerd. It used to be that “nerd” was an insulting word. But now, nerd culture – whether it is comics, sci-fi, fantasy, or anime – nerds can fly their freak flags high […]Read More

Motor Ctiy Comic Con 2018 – Days 1 and 2

Walking into Motor City Comic Con, one can be amazed by many things – a giant Thanos costume made out of balloons, Hawkgirl cosplay with functioning wings, Stephen Amell’s abs. But the most amazing aspect of Motor City Comic Con, and something I noticed more this year than any other, is that it is a […]Read More

Motor City Comic Con 2016 Day 3

Family Day! I really enjoy family day. Not only because I get to enjoy the convention with my wife and kids, but because I get to see so many other families enjoying all the nerdy fanfare. This family day started with, as usual, a little shopping. Shopping for us means scoping out all the possibilities […]Read More

Motor City Comic Con 2016 Days 1 and 2

Nananananananananana Batman! Adam West and Burt Ward were certainly the headliners of this year’s Motor City Comic Con. The con was littered with Batmen and Harleys (even more than usual). Reys and Kylo Rens were also plentiful. The highlight of the con for me was the fist bump I got from Adam West on the way […]Read More

Motor City Comic Con 2015 – Day 3

Motor City Comic Con 2015 – Day 3   By day three, I was exhausted. But I kept calm and carried on! I managed to fit in an interview in the morning with the Red Power Ranger, Jason Faunt. In the spirit of family day at Motor City Comic Con, my eleven-year-old son operated the […]Read More

Motor City Comic Con 2015 – Day 2

Motor City Comic Con 2015 – Day 2   Day two of the Motor City Comic Convention was a mad house! Saturday is always the busiest day of the convention weekend and today may have been the busiest I had seen it since two years ago when Stan Lee was in attendance. The difference between […]Read More

Nerdlocker Artist Interview – Meaghan Rath from Being Human

Meaghan Rath, who plays Sally Malik in the supernatural series Being Human, was kind enough to grant us an interview at Motor City Comic Con. You can hear her charming voice if you click on the clip below and/or you can read the transcript of our interview. Then check her out on SyFy, which has just […]Read More