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Game of Thrones Promo. In less then a week the

After HBO and Mondo had their amazing art gallery opening we wanted more. And we don’t have to wait but 5 more days until March 31, 2013. Here is some of the art from the Mondo Gallery that happened on March 8th through the 12th   See all of the art and photos from the […]Read More

Speaking of Boobs…

When waiting in line for a long time, people either have a great time, or a terrible time. I was lucky to be in good company with my poster-nerdy husband. I am a chick who enjoys posters. I mostly live vicariously through my husbands’ collecting, but once in a while a print piques my interest […]Read More

Nerdlocker Artist Interview – Rob Jones

I have been a longtime fan of artist Rob Jones. Rob has fine-tuned the art of designing and screen printing and has easily become recognized throughout the world as one of the foremost graphic designers/poster artists. I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time with Rob at a recent Mondo event. But […]Read More

Mondo Gallery Report – Die Hard Fans at the Taylor/Stout

Wow, just wow. People Lined up as early as yesterday morning at 4am (39 hours early!) Texas Time so the tweet from Mondo galley went “Line has started for Stout/ Taylor show!” Here are some pictures of the great folks in line right now as we speak. THE LINE IS ACROSS THE STREET NOW WE […]Read More

Mondo Gallery Report – Game of Thrones Show

Aaron Rainbolt and I took a trip down to the Mondo gallery on this rainy day to check out their latest Game of Thrones show. As soon as we stepped to the door, the rain stopped. That was a good sign. Stepping into the door, we were immediately greeted by waiters who were carrying delicious […]Read More

Nerdlocker Exclusive – Adam Saul Print Giveaway!

*************************UPDATE*************************** We were really happy to see so many people like Adam Saul’s artwork! Or maybe, a lot of people just like Pistol Packin’ Mamas! We certainly do! Anywho, before we announce anything, we’d like to say a huge thank you to Mr. Saul for donating the amazing prints. We truly can’t wait to see […]Read More

Mondo Gallery Show First Look – Ken Taylor and Tyler

As if you needed another excuse to visit Austin Texas right? You don’t have to be a movie nerd to appreciate the beauty of a Mondo original movie poster. This time around its two Heavy hitters in the screen printing business. This March March 15-April 6 Tyler Stout and Ken Taylor will be heading to Austin […]Read More

MONDO’s The Oscars Poster Series

Mondo, the art division of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, celebrates The Oscars with its 2nd annual poster series tied to nominated films in select categories. Here is a preview of 3 posters that will be available. Many more posters will be unveiled during the awards show broadcast. THE MASTER Artist: Laurent Durieux Size: 24 x 36 […]Read More

What to Expect from the Mondo Universal Monsters Gallery Show:

As the Mondo Universal Monsters art gallery here in Austin draws near, many people are wondering what to expect from such a huge lineup of artists. Have a look below at the mixed lineup of artwork. Mondo will have something for everybody’s taste and will leave no one disappointed (that is, unless you are expecting […]Read More

Mondo Brings Universal Monsters to Life

The guys over at the movie art boutique, Mondo,  have been busy.  Not only are they doing some amazing things for the Austin, TX based Fantastic Fest (like the amazing Looper and Dredd 3D prints below), but they’re also bringing work to New York Comic-Con and opening a jaw dropping new gallery show in October.  […]Read More

Nerdlocker Artist Interview: Jay Shaw (AKA Iron Jaiden)

Who is Iron Jaiden? What about Jay Shaw? For one thing, this is the guy who turned me on to the artist Michal Ksiazek, who did the Polish Blade Runner poster I am seeking to add to my collection. This is also the guy who rocked the screen printing poster community like a silent storm […]Read More