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Cake Blissken: Escape from New York ComicCon

Escape from New York ComicCon By Cake Blissken Soooo….I finally attended my first ever ComicCon in New York. I know, I know…what was I waiting for? I was fortunate enough to be asked to participate as a guest artist for the Hero Complex Gallery booth. HCG is an art gallery based in Los Angeles that […]readmore

Comics In Review: Invincible #111 & Saga #19

Invincible #111 Story By: Robert Kirkman Art By: Ryan Ottley Publisher: Image Invincible returns from a very controversial previous issue that pushed the comic boundaries to an entirely different level. Robert Kirkman’s idea of incorporating real life traumatic rape sequences into his graphic comic depiction caused quite a buzz over the Internet last month, and all Invincible fans […]readmore