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Nerdlocker Reviews The Boys

First, and let me be clear, you need to go fucking watch The Boys on Amazon Prime Video if for no other reason than I get a season two with answers to some cliffhangers. Afterall, I’m the idiot who watched Hard Sun on Hulu and am now stuck with zero answers because it got cancelled. […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review: Riddick

First it was Pitch Black in 2000, which I consider to be a classic sci-fi film. It was then followed with the bigger budgeted The Chronicles of Riddick in 2004. Now, after a 9 year hiatus, the famous space outlaw has returned in the next installment appropriately titled, Riddick. This time around the writer/director of […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

After a success with the first J.J. Abrams directed Star Trek we all knew a sequel was imminent. A lot of sequels tend to fail in comparison to their predecessors, but every now and then one will come along and completely surpass the first. I’m glad to say the Star Trek: Into Darkness is one […]Read More

Fantastic Fest Day One!!!

Well I’m one full day into Fantastic Fest 2012, which isn’t counting the many days previous of watching screeners. So far everything has been pretty great. The Fest started out strong with Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, which was so good I saw it twice! And cried both times. Admittedly I’m a bit of a softie for […]Read More