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Nerdlocker Interview: B. Harrison Smith

Remember when zombies were flesh-eating carnivores that didn’t have a soap opera themed story line? Yes, those did exist before 2010 and were enjoyable for the most part. But if you are sick of all these zombie soap opera adaptations like me, there are still filmmakers that do it right. If you are a “new […]Read More

Nerdlocker Interview: Tony Isabella

I’m from a small farming town in Northeast Ohio called Medina. It is located about 30 minutes south of Cleveland. It’s grown quite a bit since my childhood days, but the town itself is still quaint with under 30,000 residents. Needless to say, the pool of famous people to come from my home town is […]Read More

Doctor Who: Season 7 News

Getting back to the subject I love, I am about to give you all a little information about what is about to happen in the greatest television series ever…Doctor Who. It has been quite a haphazard two months for BBC U.K., also for Doctor Who as both actors, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, were nominated […]Read More

Nerdlocker Exclusive Interview With Ted V. Mikels

Guest host Chris DeFranco sits down with legendary filmmaker Ted V. Mikels to discuss his career as a filmmaker spanning the days of 35mm film to his current productions utilizing digital video. Mikels is famous for such cult classics as Demon Haunt, Heart of a Boy, Mark of the Astro-Zombies, 10 Violent Women, The Doll […]Read More