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Nerdlocker Movie Review: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

“With great power comes great responsibility.” -Stan Lee (R.I.P.) I’ve always felt that Spider-Man is one of the most inspirational characters in the MARVEL-verse. So much of what the other superheroes embody is a sense of confidence. They believe they are necessary, for the most part. Spider-Man and all of his true identities (Peter Parker, […]Read More

Movie Review: 3 Days To Kill

In the early Nineties, Kevin Costner was the man.  His star-making turn came in 1987, as Prohibition agent Eliot Ness in Brian De Palma’s superb crime drama, The Untouchables.  He followed it up with starring roles in No Way Out, Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, and Dances With Wolves.  Since then he’s had a few […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review: 3 Days to Kill

Written by Luc Besson and directed by McG… not exactly a selling point for me. Luc Besson has some decent, I stress decent, films like Taken and The Family and he even has some absolute classics under his belt like The Fifth Element and Léon (also known as The Professional). But those last two I […]Read More