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DEATHLOCKER is back…..you know you missed us

Hey there nerds and nerdettes the third-worst podcast on the Nerdlocker network is back and we are just as average as ever. It’s been over a year since we posted a new episode and honestly, I thought Cake Blissken and I were done.  But with all this COVID-19 business going Nerdlocker HQ was getting tons of […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review: THE VOID

A resurgence of the 80’s is fully underway and while it undoubtedly bothers some, I for one can not get enough. The Void, ironically enough, fills that love of 80’s cinema by bringing back gallons and gallons of corn syrup and some awe-inspiring practical effects very much in the vein of the Carpenter classic, The […]Read More