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Nerdlocker Movie Review: Doctor Strange

MARVEL continues its fearless unveiling of its lesser known characters with the latest hero, Doctor Strange. It has gotten to the point where MARVEL would have to drastically drop the ball to create something that isn’t received well or at the very least doesn’t make an astronomical amount of benjamins. With positive reviews (this being […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review: It Follows

It… What is it? Not knowing what it is or what form it will take next time you encounter it is truly terrifying. What are its motivations? Seemingly existing for the singular purpose of killing those unfortunate enough to find themselves cursed, its true reason for being is never divulged. The very idea that it […]Read More

Chase’s Not So Top Ten Films of 2014

Chase offers up his Not So Best Films of 2014! 10. Sabotage 9. That Awkward Moment 8. Sex Tape 7. Devil’s Due 6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 5. The Expendables 3 4. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones 3. Open Windows 2. Deliver Us From Evil 1. Transformers: Age of Extinction     Dishonorable Mentions   […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review: Deliver Us from Evil

This had so much promise. From the director of the highly disturbing film Sinister, Scott Derrickson brings us Deliver Us from Evil, a trek into a land filled with generic horror movie clichés that will have you laughing and rolling your eyes simultaneously. As I exited the theater with my friend we began to pick […]Read More