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Nerdlocker Movie Review: Widows

The mark of a true filmmaker is their ability to adapt their own style to any genre and make it something special. Steve McQueen is proving he is fully capable of this as he jumps from a prison biopic with Hunger to a historically accurate portrayal of American slavery with 12 Years a Slave with […]Read More

Film Review: Saving Mr. Banks

For twenty years Walt Disney attempted to keep a promise he made to his daughters. His promise was to make the written story of Mary Poppins into a feature film. They loved this character and so Walt loved the character as well. Little did he know that when he made this promise he would have […]Read More

Austin Connection Movie Review – Total Recall

WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! This review of Len Wiseman’s Total Recall is not a discussion of the film itself, rather a review of one story and two films. Both versions of the movie, the 1990 version filmed by Paul Verhoeven and the 2012 version filmed by Wiseman, take different approaches to the Philip K. Dick story, […]Read More