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Throwdown Thursday – Batman VS. Moon Knight!

Brandon and Cubby discuss last week’s match-up, which pitted Hellboy VS. Ash (Evil Dead). This week we went with a fan suggestion (Kei5ive), Batman VS. Moon Knight! Let us know who you think wins in this battle royale! For more info on comics, video games, movies and anything else nerd, check out Nerdlocker.com, a place […]Read More

Jason Momoa Is Aquaman!

What’s trending ? Looks like Drew McWeeny from Hitfix has confirmed that Jason Momoa will play Arthur Curry also know as Aquaman. Momoa had been rumored to be playing the part since last year. I am pretty sure he was still negotiating and needed to keep it on the down low. Momoa is known for […]Read More

Nerdlocker has coverage of 2014 C2E2 Expo

Coverage by our friend and Chicagoan Ray Till. It is that time of year again in Chicago. Time for the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo A.K.A. C2E2. C2E2 has been an Expo since 2010 run by ReedPOP. These are the people that also run New York Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration, UFC Fan Expo and […]Read More

Scott Snyder Teams Up With Jock For WYTCHES

One of the most exciting things announced today at Image Expo is a new horror book from Scott Snyder called WYTCHES that is promised to reshape our view on witches by making them EVEN SCARIER. Snyder will team-up with the legendary JOCK for the ongoing series set to be released sometime in 2014. Such a […]Read More

Wizard World Austin Comic Con 2013 Photo Gallery

I had the chance to attend Wizard World Austin Comic Con this past weekend and I have to say I was blown away to see how big it has grown since the first time it came to Austin. I saw so many celebrities there including William Shatner, Kelly Hu, Giancarlo Esposito, Stan Lee, Norman Reedus, […]Read More

Cosplay Cutie of the Week! DC Comics Arkham City Harley

It’s Monday again, Nerds, and that means it’s time for Cosplay Cuties! This week we have a Cosplayer by the name of Kitty Young from right here in the USA. One of the reasons I picked this particular cosplay was due to Kitty’s eyes. Harley Quinn has always been an interesting character because of the […]Read More

Behind The Scenes Footage Batman vs. Superman

[youtube id=”4RaulE8We_w” width=”620″ height=”360″] According to multiple sources Batman vs. Superman has officially started filming. The video above was taken by an extra in the stands of Gotham University against Metropolis State University. This 4 minute video reminds me of the Gotham Outlaws footage from Dark Knight Rises where you see the extras start piling into […]Read More

Batman: Arkham Origins Deathstroke Challenge Pack Gameplay Trailer

Hey nerds just wanted to share some news that was released yesterday from our friends at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It looks like Arkham Origins will feature the Deathstroke challenge pack included in the pre-order. From the video it looks like it will feature 3 different costumes and a butt load of different challenges. The […]Read More

Beware the Batman: The Detective Chases Mystery Villains

I grew up with Batman: The Animated Series, so for me, and most Batman fans, the bar is set very high for any new Batman cartoon that comes out. Ever since this series left the air waves I’ve only been completely satisfied with one TV reincarnation of my favorite hero. The New Adventures of Batman […]Read More

The First 3 Issues: BOOM!’s Deathmatch

Highs Superhero Battle Royale Pseudo Iron Man vs Fake Superman The Rat Light Guards that looks like Star Wars Imperial Guards Fast starting action Acid tentacle to the face Lazer vision to the face Lows Poor cover art You don’t know any of these characters WTF is the Rift? Names like Replic-8 and Sol Invictus Mr. […]Read More

Jason’s Vault – Batman: A Death in the Family

[button color=”eg. black, red, blue, orange, green, light” link=”” target=””]Text here[/button] One of the best stories going in comics, and certainly one of the most popular, is the new series “Death of the Family,” which spans across all of the “Bat-books.” This story revolves around a faceless Joker who has returned more obsessed than ever […]Read More

Nerdlocker Comic Book Review – Batman #0

http://www.nerdlocker.com – Brandon reviews the latest issue of Batman! Batman #0 Written by: Scott Snyder Backup Written by: James T Tynion IV Art by: Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion Backup Art by: Andy Clarke Cover by: Greg Capullo On Sale Date: September 12, 2012 If you’ve read it let us know what you think in […]Read More

Nerdlocker! – Episode 92 – The Hobbit, Iron Man 3,

http://www.nerdlocker.com – This week the Nerds discuss topics like: Beverly Hills Cop comes to a television near you, Justice League to relaunch Batman, Rovio focuses on some bad pigs, Iron Man 3 updates, The Hobbit trilogy, Will Smith tackles vampires on a biblical scale, Plus the Nerds make their picks of the week! For more […]Read More

Nerdlocker Comic Book Review – JUSTICE LEAGUE #12

http://www.nerdlocker.com – Cubby reviews the latest issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE! JUSTICE LEAGUE #12 Written by: Geoff Johns Art by: Jim Lee, Scott Williams Backup Art by: Gary Frank Cover by: Jim Lee, Scott Williams Variant Cover by: Jim Lee, Scott Williams On Sale Date: August 29, 2012 If you’ve read it let us know what […]Read More

Nerdlocker Comic Book Review – BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #7

http://www.nerdlocker.com – Brandon reviews the latest issue of BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED! BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #7 Written by: Adam Beechen, J.T. Krul, Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs Art by: Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs, Howard Porter, Norm Breyfogle Cover by: Dustin Nguyen On Sale Date: August 29, 2012 If you’ve read it let us know what you think […]Read More

Movie Review – The Dark Knight Rises

Eight years ago on my 16th birthday I went to a midnight screening of Batman Begins with my father and a few friends. I was excited for a new Batman movie, but I had no idea what I was about to get invested in. At the end of the movie when Batman flips over the […]Read More

The Best Comic Book Titles of 2011 (DC and Marvel)

I have by no means been able to read every comic book title over the last year. But of those I did read, these are my favorites of 2011. Marvel Moon Knight – I’ve always thought that Moon Knight’s costume was cool. But this D-list superhero never had much else to offer than just another […]Read More

The Nerd’s Guide to Christmas Movies

We all know and love the classics like A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Christmas Carol, and my personal favorite – It’s a Wonderful Life. But there are some real holiday gems out there that you may not know about or have forgotten. This list of Christmas movies is not going to include those traditional classics that […]Read More