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Mondo Gallery – Adventure Time and Regular Show

People are lining up for another great show today at the Mondo gallery for the Adventure Time and Regular Show gallery show. Last year, I had quite an Adventure Time weekend at the Mondo gallery and at the Drafthouse itself. I got to meet Pen Ward, and, well, it was a blast. You can read […]Read More

Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein Series – ‘Features As Beautiful’ onsale Wednesday

“Features As Beautiful” Artist: Bernie Wrightson Medium: Silkscreen Print Edition Size: 150 Print Size: 20×30 Signed and Numbered Hey this Wednesday at around 2pm Central Time, Nakatomi Inc.  is releasing the next print in Bernie’s amazing Frankenstein series! Signed by Bernie in a hand-numbered edition of 150 worldwide. 100 of these prints are already spoken for […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review: Trashed

As someone who lives in one of the 20 US cities that currently has a zero waste initiative, and someone who cares deeply about sustainability and other ecological issues, Candida Brady’s new documentary, TRASHED, is making me seriously reevaluate my commitments. I thought I was doing pretty good. My household of four generates maybe a […]Read More

Nerdlocker Report: Mondo Mike Mitchell Portrait Gallery Show

Now that the dust has settled from the Stout/Taylor gallery show at the Mondo gallery here in Austin, Mondo shows no signs of slowing down. Mike Mitchell’s portrait gallery show is upon us now, and Aaron Rainbolt and I are here to show you some crazy photos of these giclees for sale exclusively at the […]Read More

Bottleneck Gallery’s When The Lights Go Out!

Oh so many nights did I sit in my room as a young’un trying to charge my glow in the dark posters. I even went as far as stealing my parents’ camera to use the flash to get them to charge faster for this impatient kid. Bottleneck has gathered nearly 60 artists for a show […]Read More

Game of Thrones Promo. In less then a week the

After HBO and Mondo had their amazing art gallery opening we wanted more. And we don’t have to wait but 5 more days until March 31, 2013. Here is some of the art from the Mondo Gallery that happened on March 8th through the 12th   See all of the art and photos from the […]Read More

Mondo Gallery Report – Game of Thrones Show

Aaron Rainbolt and I took a trip down to the Mondo gallery on this rainy day to check out their latest Game of Thrones show. As soon as we stepped to the door, the rain stopped. That was a good sign. Stepping into the door, we were immediately greeted by waiters who were carrying delicious […]Read More

Nerdlocker Artist Interview – David Moscati

Moscati Vision [mo•scott•ē vi•zhen] noun 1. The freelance studio of Designer and Illustrator David Moscati, specializing in Print, Identity and Web design. adjective 2. The phenomenon of being able to see through the specific aesthetics of David Moscati. I would love to include a detailed biography of artist David Moscati, but no one could possibly […]Read More

Guzu Gallery – Deep Cuts – 12″ Tributes to Our

One of our favorites Guzu Gallery of Austin, Texas is putting on their second gallery and its going to be Big! 12.5″ Big! Guzu Gallery of Austin, Texas is bringing together a group of artists who love music like we do. Spring Break is the best time of the year in Austin. That’s when one […]Read More

Guzu Gallery – Strange Beasts: A Tribute to the Japanese

Guzu Gallery of Austin, Texas is bringing together a group of artists who will be translating the Kaiju universe from movie and TV fame to screen prints, original artwork and custom toys.Nerds everywhere should be familiar with at least one Kaiju monster from Japan, unless you have been living under a rock for the last 50 […]Read More

Mondo Artist Jay Shaw Helps with funding Austin Indie filmakers

One of Nerdlocker’s favorite artists, Jay Shaw (known to many for his amazing art work including recent work with Mondo), is creating a limited edition print for this film. This numbered poster will NEVER be available outside of this Kickstarter project! This would be an amazing chance to help a great Independent Austin based production […]Read More