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Bottleneck Gallery Presents: More Than You Imagined

Do you live in Brooklyn, New York? Do you support amazing charities like the Michael J Fox Foundation? And perhaps most importantly, do you like kick ass art inspired by premium cable? If you answered hell yes to these questions, then holy crap is it your lucky day! Bottleneck Gallery located in Brooklyn, New York, […]Read More

Nerdlocker Artist Interview: Jay Shaw (AKA Iron Jaiden)

Who is Iron Jaiden? What about Jay Shaw? For one thing, this is the guy who turned me on to the artist Michal Ksiazek, who did the Polish Blade Runner poster I am seeking to add to my collection. This is also the guy who rocked the screen printing poster community like a silent storm […]Read More

Nerdlocker Artist Interview: New Flesh

New Flesh is a small art printing group here in Austin which consists of a small team of guys just creating art for the sake of art. They are still new to the game but have created fantastic prints for movies such as Silence of the Lambs (my personal favorite) and Edward Scissorhands. One of […]Read More

Tron Legacy: Draft Punk dopeness

After watching Tron Legacy over the weekend I have to say one of the many highlights of the movie was the sound track and seeing the creators of the sound on the big screen.  Here’s a couple of Tron-o-sized pics of the digital duo I found on one my favorite art websites abduzeedo.comRead More

Gettin’ Hipp

If you like nerdy art, you really need to check out Mister Hipp’s amazing artwork. A lot of his pieces have a Mike Mignola-esque feel (especially his righteous Batman art) which is a-ok with us as Mignola is one of our favorite comic book artists. So big props, Mister Hipp, we here at Nerdlocker will […]Read More