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Anime At It’s Finest!

So what’s your favorite anime? That always seems to be one of the most asked questions whenever you get into a conversation about anime. Don’t get me wrong. That’s a very valid question and depending on your answer, can lead to quite a range of discussions. First of all, there are so many ways to […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review: Ghost in the Shell

In 1995, the Japanese animated film, Ghost in the Shell, based on the popular manga of the same name, became a huge success and was heralded alongside Akira (1988) as one of the greatest anime films of all-time. It felt new and original, with heady themes to match the cutting-edge animation. It inspired many filmmakers […]Read More

Wizard World Comic Con Austin 2014

This year the Austin Comic Con was in early October, competing with Austin City Limits but that didn’t stop the fans from coming to this artistic event. My favorite thing about the Con was to see all the cos-players dressed up and I’m still amazed on how detail and creative some of the costumes were. […]Read More

1/144 RG Strike Freedom Gundam – model build

Written by Benjamin D. The Strike Freedom Gundam is by far one of the best looking Gundams out there. This definitely ranks up there in my Top 10 Gundams of all time. This Gundam is from Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and  Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny. It was piloted by the main character, Kira Yamato, […]Read More

Intro into Gunpla (Gundam Model Building)

Article written by Benjamin D. I am a big fan of the world of Gundam. The first Anime came out in 1979 and marked a turning point in the way robots were used in Japanese animation. You can say that Gundam itself was the original “mech” and paved the way for every video game, Anime, […]Read More

Anime Review: Attack on Titan

What do the websites Hulu, Netflix, and Crunchyroll have in common for someone like me? ANIME!!! Not only do I get legit access to some of the best anime titles out there, but Hulu and Crunchyroll allow me to watch Anime pretty much the same time as they come out in Japan. More so with […]Read More

Cosplay Cutie of the Week! Marvel Comics Emma Frost

  Welcome back Nerds! Did you have a happy holiday? Keeping with the winter mood of the season, I figure who else would be better for this week’s Cosplay Cutie of the Week than the “Ice Queen” herself Emma Frost. To pull off an Emma Frost cosplay is not easy. But model Dayna “Baby” Lou […]Read More

Cosplay Cutie of the Week! Tasha Cosplay as Elyuin and

Happy Monday Nerds! If you managed to survive the all out war of the retailers this weekend, and didn’t end up winning anything from our awesome Nerdlocker giveaway, fear not! We here at Nerdlocker are still in a giving mood! This week’s Cosplay Cutie is a 2 for 1 and comes from one of the […]Read More

Cosplay Cutie of the Week! Jessica Nigri As Connor From

Happy Cosplay Day (aka Monday). This weeks Cosplay is from the stunning Jessica Nigri, one of my favorite cosplay models (at least when she’s a brunet). Jessica does both a sexy yet classy Connor Kenway. I wanted to find an Assassin’s Creed cosplay for a while but I need to it be done right and […]Read More

Cosplay Cutie of the Week! Marvel Comics Black Cat

It’s Monday and that means it’s time for Cosplay Cutie of the Week. Now as you can see from the featured image that got you here we have another Black Cat Cosplay, and who doesn’t like looking at women built like Riki LeCorey in a Black Cat suit? But what you may not realize is […]Read More

Cartoons: How the Clone Wars and Tron: Uprising have raised

Cartoons. This word almost instantly makes the average adult think of Saturday mornings, when children would be crowded around a television set, bowl of cereal in hand and vegetative to the queries of the parents. For some of us fogies old enough to remember, Saturday was not only cartoon day, there were also the seemingly […]Read More

“Super Robot Wars Z II” Trailer Reveal Anime Awesomeness

Bandai-Namco has released screens and a cinematic trailer for their upcoming PSP game “Super Robot Wars Z II,” the first direct sequel to 2008’s SRW Z on the PlayStation 2. The series is known among fans for pushing the limits of 2D sprite animation and crossing over various science fiction anime series in a strategy-RPG […]Read More