AEW, WWE, and NWA Weekly Wrestling Updates and News


Deathlockers, The Three Faces of Wrasslin’ is back for another weekly roundup.  Join Mr. Hobo Socks, Steven “The Piperman” Piper and Steve “Hackerman” Ackerman catch up on a wacky week of wrasslin’ that included NWA giving us a history lesson on Benjamin Franklin and turkeys from Carnyland.  Plus we see Hangman Page return to AEW with the world’s longest close-line.   So click below or find us on your favorite podcasting app.


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A Southern California kid who grew up on a Powell Peralta skateboard and Bad religion. I have always had an infinity for pop culture and see myself as a huge horror nerd. Retired Navy, I now spend my free time yelling at kids to get off my lawn while eating Chicken McNuggets and smelling my collection of HoBo socks.