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Introducing Forever Fest


Sarah Pitre & Brandy Fons have a dream. A dream that echos the dreams of millions of girls everywhere. They want to have the ultimate girls weekend, accompanied by good reads, great shows and awesome movies, geared towards those with the immense need to deal with their mens-, well to deal with their hormonal urges, love for getting dolled up, and enjoying all that being a girl or woman entails. In true “Speaking Of Boobs” fashion, this weekend is inclusive to those testosterone driven manly men, if they choose to attend. In other words, join us, or don’t, and be nice.

This festival developed with many of the intentions I’ve been trying to express to others. Not many women attend festivals. Often, the festivals cater to what dudes like, not because girly things are dumb (cause they’re not!), but it’s what sells for those festivals. So, I wanted a scoop on what the girls had to share!

We started off our evening like some of you may remember doing in your youth. I made the promise to call; Brandy returned my call with appropriate excitement.

“Hey! Sarah’s on the other line, ready?!”


So began a long discussion of dreams, boys, yummy drinks and parties. Okay, maybe there was more, but as Momma always said, “You have to leave some things to the imagination.”


Nerdlocker (NL): Where did this concept start?

Brandy: Well In 2012, “Pitch Perfect” came out and I was sold! I’ve been part of Fantastic Fest while Sarah, author of Forever Young Adult, her blog, has also been with Alamo Drafthouse. We realized there’s no where to celebrate these sort of films and there should be. We should have a weekend where we can celebrate, unapologetically. We started talking with the “crew” who play a major role in most events and festivals and they jumped on the bandwagon!


NL: How many Mimosas make a festival?

Sarah: (pauses and laughs) I would say, my preference, (laughs) terrible, terrible joke, I warn you. I like my mimosas like I like my men, bottomless! (All; laughing) Yes a bottomless amount of mimosas is perfect (more laughing). Our venues for the event will be within walking distance, so you don’t need to drive, allowing for many cocktails!

NL: What’d it take to create the list of films selected?

Sarah: It took us just talking about the movies we watched and watched again.

Brandy: We wanted to do what we love to in our free time. Sarah’s blog doesn’t only cater to films, but also books, TV shows, other media.

NL: What’s your movie fantasy?

Sarah: To be Elizabeth, in, “Pride and Prejudice.”

NL: Even the Bollywood version?

Sarah: Any version where I end up with Mr. Darcy sounds perfect for me.

NL: Dream goal for this festival?

Sarah: First of all, we want this to be an annual tradition. Do this every year, but bigger and better. We’d love to be able to have more days of programming, and to grow relationships with studios to show sweet previews. By the fans for the fans. We want to keep that true. We want to do cooler stuff every year! It’d be great to build a good relationship with the attendees, we could have Michael Schoeffling, who plays Jake Ryan, come in.

Brandy: Ethan Embry will be attending this one. Also, we’ve offered a lifetime achievement award to Molly Ringwald; We would love to honor her.”


October 3, 2013 91945 PM CDT


NL: Which Alamo Drafthouse will this be at?

Brandy: The movie screenings will be held at the Ritz, while other events will be held right around the corner at the Inter Continental.

NL: Explain the ticketing situation for us. When are sales? How will they be sold?

Brandy: Well, ticketing will be up soon. We’ll be sure to let you know when that is. There will be tickets per event, and I don’t see it going much higher than $30. That’d be for, like, a brunch with cocktails or something.”

Sarah: Oh! And we’re doing a list of cocktails that’d be appropriate for whatever film you’re watching.

Brandy: Also, we’d like to make it very clear, that men are totally welcome, but you have to be in the spirit of celebrating Ryan Gosling, too.

NL: What’s your go-to chick flick?




Sarah: You’ve Got Mail. There’s something so perfect about it. It’s also such a perfectly dated film. It reminds you of how it was without being lame and ancient.

Brandy: Well, I’d say, Girls Just Want to Have Fun. I also love Pretty in Pink. I worked in a music store; I’ve sewn my own clothes. But she probably should have ended up with Ducky…

NL: Who’s the male star counterpart in YOUR chick flick?

Brandy: (Heavy panting) That’s the hardest question!

Sarah: (Laughing)

Brandy: Superman, the new one (Henry Cavill), he is nice looking. I like superheroes who can fly. He kind of reminds me of my husband. Ryan Fons is a huge superhero nerd, a diehard for all superhero films. When he was younger, he had his mom make Batman or Superman costumes, and he wore them three months past Halloween.


Sarah: Channing Tatum. Incredibly charming, super hot and he can dance.”

Brandy: Like your husband, who’s super charismatic, and he can dance, too!

Sarah: That’s so nice of you to say! Oh his head shots are nice too.


NL: There can never be too much ________?

Sarah: Cocktails. No wait. Champagne. Yeah, there can never be too much champagne.

Brandy: Red lipstick.


Be sure to stop by and help contribute to their Kickstarter (link below). Every second counts, every dollar matters! After all, girls just want a reason to wear that smashing mascara that runs, without having to think about it.

Click here to check out the Kickstarter project

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