And Then There Were Two… Stout And Struzan To Face Off In The 2011 Mondo Championship!!

Voting is now LIVE for the 2011 Mondo Championship. Please place your votes for your favorite print HERE!!

Stout vs Struzan.

Old school vs new school.

The student vs the master.

Final 2

What’s your preference? This might be the most highly contested championship of all the brackets we will end up running. Either way, both prints have earned entry into the final championship bracket, but only one will be declared as the 2011 Mondo Fan Favorite print. I am out of words at this point. Let the art speak for itself and vote with your heart.

Here’s how the votes broke down this past week…

canvas Championship

Once this bracket wraps up, I will be leaving for vacation, so the 2010 bracket will be announced and voting will begin sometime in early July. Thanks to all the fans who have shown their support by voting for their favorite prints. I really think the further we go back in time, to more interesting these brackets will become. There are so many amazing prints Mondo has produced over the years, but in the end, there can be only one.


Here’s your 2011 Mondo Championship Final

2011 Bracket - Championship

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