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Speaking of Boobs…

 Speaking of Boobs…

When waiting in line for a long time, people either have a great time, or a terrible time. I was lucky to be in good company with my poster-nerdy husband.

I am a chick who enjoys posters. I mostly live vicariously through my husbands’ collecting, but once in a while a print piques my interest and I must-have-that-print. Early on, I realized this was going to be a hobby that was going to hang around.  The bulk of our collection has been purchased under mutual agreement. We did have an instance where “The Man “woke up early and happened upon a Melvins gig poster, bought it impulsively, then, soon woke me up with, “I bought a poster. It’s got boobs on it.”

Speaking of boobs…

Us @ 170 (2)I stood in line for Mondo’s Stout/Taylor Gallery, which opened on March 15th, with my guy from about nine in the morning until one in the morning, the following day.

For prints.

While standing in line, both my husband and I got friendly with our line neighbors. I’m not the only woman who will stand in line for their guys’ hobby, but we do come in short supply. The elite. The Mondo Widows’, of sorts. We don’t whine or manipulate our dudes into feeling guilty for standing in line. This is because we know we’ll get ours.

Yarn, clothes, prints of our own, food, coffee, whatever it is that gets our rocks off, we will get it eventually. Some ladies are more assertive, others are fine with rain checks. Lucky for us, this usually is accompanied by understanding significant others.

Of course, you get the absent wives. Poster collecting isn’t for everyone. That’s fine. Unfortunately, while women outside of the poster realm worry about why their other halves are slowly taking longer and longer to get home after work each night, these poster nerds just want their wives there. Sure, these guys will be devoted to some dead, mulched, refined tree byproduct, but guaranteed, they want you there. They enjoy your company, and want you to meet their buddies, or their buddies’ wives and girlfriends.

Collectors, seek comfort that a line of 300 people bulking up to 600 doesn’t mean you’re out of luck with prints. A lot of these people don’t need or want extra posters.

The benefit of the ladies joining in is the fact that most of us actually are worth our salt in the poster community. Often, not always, we know the difference between a giclee and a screen print. We can usually point out the top three artists you like. Ladies who don’t would at least get to hang out with other ladies, and learn.

Even with Handiedan and Tara McPherson being lady artists in the poster market, there aren’t enough interested women out there. It’s not that the men are trying to have a super sausage fest; it’s that there’s something getting lost in translation between the “He’s and she’s” that orbit the nerdome of poster collecting.

There’s a lot to gain in a lot of realms, by getting more ladies interested or at least more educated in all that encompasses’ this form of collecting.

We need more boobs, and less… booobs…

Be prepared to be bombarded with a hefty amount of observation and opinion, accompanied by the perfect amount of info on all kitschy stuff that the kids in our hearts will truly appreciate.

Photo Courtesy of Liz Clinkenbeard

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