SiLK Print Design Presents Mark Englert’s Wavy!


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I love conventions. You literally never know who you are going to meet at them. Case in point, while standing in line to get all my Martin Ansin posters signed (thank you Mondo!), I met Jeff McGuire. Came to find he actually won one of our first giveaways. Of all the people at the San Diego Comic Con, what are the odds? I thought that was pretty cool.

Jeff went on to tell me he was gearing up to start an apparel company that would work with well known established artists. I definitely liked the concept. But I’ll be honest, we here at Nerdlocker get pitched all sorts of things several times a day. A lot of them are just good ideas that never come to fruition. So imagine my surprise when I get an e-mail from Jeff asking me if I remembered him and if I’d promote the first release for his company, SiLK Print Design. First up, Mark Englert. It’s actually really cool, because it’s a first for both of them. First design from SiLK Print Design and the first t-shirt design from Mark Englert. To quote Darth Vader, “most impressive.” Check out the design for Wavy below. It will be released in two colorways, one with black ink on a heathered grey 100% cotton shirt or yellow ink on a navy blue 100% cotton shirt.



This is a limited, timed edition sale. Hit up starting today. Sale ends midnight (PST) June 8.

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