Rainbolt Report – Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo End Summer on a High Note!

Alamo Drafthouse and MONDO did it again with two custom prints for the perfect summer occasion…But wait it never happened. Summer’s over, isn’t it? The Alamo Drafthouse had planned another amazing summer outing only as the Alamo could.

From the Alamo Drafthouse web page, “The Alamo Drafthouse is about to destroy every sweet sentiment you have ever had about summer camp with one debaucherous day. Check-in for camp starts at 3:30pm on a beautiful patch of riverfront land at the Guadalupe Canoe Livery. Expect your first few hours at camp to be crammed with an absolute barrage of summer fun. We don’t want to give too much away, but you can definitely count on the most epic Capture the Flag battle in the long history of summer camp, Whether you’re a tug-o-war champion, a movie maniac or a hot dog-devouring machine, we’re detonating the single craziest campdown in history!”

Well, the best of Texas hot weather got the best of the Alamo and they had to cancel, but that didn’t stop MONDO (the Alamo Drafthouse’s collectible art boutique) from creating some more-than-awesome screen prints for the occasion.

When we here in Austin, Texas had been notified that the camping trip, the triple feature outdoor movie, special menu and screen print event that had us excited about all summer was canceled due to the extreme temperature, I started to well up. Though the heat dried my eyes out pretty fast. MONDO still created prints for two out of the three movies that were to be presented.

The lineup was Meatballs II, The Burning and the ever-popular, mind-twisting, deranged summer camp classic: Sleepaway Camp. This was to be shown in its rare 35mm format. Talk about bummed out.

This brings me to last night’s midnight showing of Sleepaway Camp at Alamo Drafthouse, South Lamar, here in the now much cooler Austin, Texas. To make up for not being able to drag our butts to the blistering heat and warm water, they dug out the super rare 35mm print and screened it to a much smaller, no less enthusiastic crowd. Even with a PBR-downing, spoon-egg speed-walking, Todd-Rohal (The Catechism Cataclysm)-judged contest before the film started, we were not prepared for the twisted ending to this mind-melting summer movie, which included a surprise ending only the Alamo Drafthouse could get away with. I can’t say what they did because it will give away the freakish ending of the movie for those who haven’t seen it.

MONDO started the sales of the new posters for Sleepaway Camp and The Burning exclusively at this show.
These prints were designed by Canada’s own Phantom City Creative, the Toronto-based independent studio, and were worth the admission fee alone. The manager for MONDO, Mo, sold some before the showing, then stuck it out and watched the movie with us enthusiastically. He then made more sales after the film ended.

Thank you Alamo Drafthouse for making it up to us by still screening this awesome 35mm classic on a much cooler evening but also a thank you to Justin Ishmael and the rest of the MONDO team for getting these prints designed and printed and in our hands.

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