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Our good friend Roman Morales sent us over a press release earlier this morning that could not have shocked us more. Subscriptions are pretty common with art nowadays, but I was mildly surprised Odd City Entertainment took that route. My mild surprised turned to outright shock when I saw what they planned on including in said subscription! There are three options to buy, but every level will include at least one metal variant! YES ONE METAL VARIANT!!!! Holy crap that is amazing!

We already know they do amazing work from their first two releases. Definitely can’t wait to see what the team at Odd City has up their sleeves next!

Check out the official press release below:

Odd City Entertainment has the greatest customers in the world! Through our last two successful releases, we have had the best responses in emails and phone calls. Even when things have not gone right and someone misses a drop, customers have been extremely thoughtful and supportive. Knowing that feeling as art connoisseurs ourselves, we share in your disappointment. Additionally, we have wanted to find a way to include our International fans on drop day, which has put us in quite the conundrum.
Odd City anticipates a very BIG and busy summer. We would like to say that things are going to get easier on drop day, but we plan on keeping our run sizes low and have some amazing artists and properties that we are working with. We listened when you asked for some of the larger new and old licenses, and can predict that drop days are only going to get crazier.
This is why today, we are announcing our first Odd City Print and Event Subscription! We are opening up a limited number of spots at a few different price levels to give everyone an opportunity to purchase a plan to fit any budget or extravagance. This is our way of saying “thank you” to all those who have supported us and also provide a way for international fans to obtain our prints.
In the interest of full disclosure, we had planned on having special editions available for every print at the “Connoisseur” level, but some of our favorite artists simply don’t work that way. We have, however, worked out four standout exclusives for this level. Additionally, there are Metal and/or Wood variants at every level with matching numbers on the paper editions through the life of the subscription!
We will be putting these three packages on sale at 10:30am CST, Friday, May 24th.

• “The Fan” ($500) Level includes 16 Regular Editions, 1 Metal Variant, T-shirts, stickers, handbills and some other goodies we have up our sleeve.


• “The Collector” ($1,000) Level includes 16 Regular Editions, 16 Variant editions, 2 Metal/Wood variants, T-shirts, stickers, handbills and other surprises.


• “The Connoisseur” ($1,250) Level – only 15 available – includes 16 Regular Editions, 16 Variant Editions, 2 Metal/Wood Variants, 4 Exclusive Variants, Amityville Horror Exclusive Nighttime Wood Variant, VIP Access to Odd City Events, T-shirts, stickers, handbills and other surprises.


All of these packages are extremely limited. For more information feel free to follow us on:
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