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We’re back with another artist interview! Adam Saul is a graphic artist with portfolios ranging from pencil, ink to Photoshop, Illustrator, from didgeridoos to tattoos and vinyl toys. Born and raised in Salem, VA, his love of music, pin-up art, and classic Americana are evident in his bold poster screen-printed design and his vinyl work. Let’s get to know Adam.


Nerdlocker (NL): When did you first become interested in drawing and designing gig posters, art prints and making Vinyl toys? And how did you get into it?

Adam Saul (AS): I’ve been a designer since 1996 but didn’t really start designing and screen printing gig posters until sometime in early 2006. I’m a self taught screen printer so there were a LOT of ruined prints the first year.  There was a big learning curve since I had never really done any of my own printing. These days, I tend to print more art prints than anything, mostly my own but I’ve done some for other artist friends.

As far as vinyl toys I’ve always loved toys and with my whole DIY view on life I thought how great it would be to design and produce my own toys. My wife and I (mainly her) came up with Cop A Squat Toys and off I went. So after almost three years I will be releasing my first sofubi kaiju toy in the next few weeks, if all goes well I’ll fill the rest of 2013 with soft vinyl monster goodness and who knows maybe start working on some new sculpts.Print

NL: Sounds like 2013 will be a big year for your vinyl, I am looking forward to them.

I have to admit Adam that I recently just found your work on the internet and it prompted me to do some more research and found a lot of really great stuff. I am a movie poster guy but I really like your gig posters and toys. So what is your favorite type of medium to work in and what is your favorite type of art? Art Prints, Gig Posters etc?

AS: Right now I’m really concentrated on my toy releases but that said I’m hand printing all of the packaging for them, so I’ve sort of tied both of my loves together.

NL: I can imagine the packaging will look great and will give the toys inside a run for their money on the cool factor.

Who is on Adam Saul’s wall, what artist and Prints if any?

AS: I’ve got flatfiles FULL of art prints and gig posters I’ve collected over the years so many that I doubt I’ll ever get a chance to actually frame them all. I’ve been known to give prints away to people that visit my studio not just to make room in the flat files but also give more space for new purchases. My wife and I collect all sorts of art from artists all over. We have tons of great artwork in our house, Brian Phillips, Dan McCarthy, Drew Millward, Jeff Lamm, Tanxxx, David Rose, Michael Michael Motorcycle, Baseman, Aaron Whisner, and that’s just the visual artists not to mention my Japanese toy collection that has taken over my studio.

NL: I know what its like not to be able to frame up ALL of the stuff you want to. I recently had to whittle down my collection so I can pick and choose what I really wanted framed up on my walls. Its really hard.

What is your most cherished print of your personal collection?

AS: Oh man that’s a tough one, we have a Dan McCarthy print in our living room entitled Snowy Ghosts. My wife and I both LOVE this print, it’s simple but tells a great story.

NL: I really dig Daniel Danger’s work. The “Snowy Ghosts” is no exception, a great print. Daniel has a way of saying so much with his work that some people tend to miss. I recently purchased his “Escape” Black and White letterpress for a family member, She framed that up within a day she was so happy with it.


Do you do some of your stuff by hand or on computer or do you scan it? What’s the Process?

AS: I do a little bit of everything when creating anything I’m working on. I’ll draw or sketch, then scan and redraw digitally.  Or other times it’s found images and collages. Sometimes, in order to give the print the right feel I will purposely not wash out a screen all the way to get that old letterpress “bad print” feel to it. It really depends on what I’m working on. I once tried to print with tea, you know like iced tea just to see if it would stain the paper in a pattern… Yeah… don’t waste your time.  It doesn’t work.

NL: How much influence does film and the pop culture craze play into your style?

AS: I would honestly say everything I do and see has an influence on my style. I want to do and try everything.  Sometimes that way of trying to create gets in my own way.

NL: And now to some nerdy questions. What is your favorite movie of all time, if you could only pick one?

AS: I love Pulp Fiction, the absurdness and brutality of it all is so over the top, I could watch it over and over.

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NL: Absolutely My personal favorite Tarantino movie also, I have a top Ten and then a top ten Tarantino films and Pulp Fiction is in the top 5 in my Big list and number 1 on my Tarantino List.

What is your favorite video game and are you a console guy, Handheld or old school stand up video games guy?

AS: I love first person shooters, I remember finding Descent for the first time then Doom, Quake, Tribes, but I would have to say my favorite would have to be Call of Duty and Battlefield. Oh, as far as nostalgia I used to love that Atari game Joust.  You know, the one where my pixel rider on an ostrich had to knock your pixel rider off of your ostrich! AWESOME!

NL: I loved those old school stand up consoles. And on the same page as Joust, I used to play dual stand up with Joust/ Defender made by the same game company at my local grocery store for hours. How funny you mentioned this, Joust is even in some of today’s movies. I just saw it in Wreck-It Ralph. It is seen flying in Game Central Station.


What is your favorite comic book or comic book character and why, you can totally elaborate if you want to Adam?

AS: For me, there’s not really a favorite series or even a “character” in general but I would have to go with R. Crumb’s work, as a whole. I guess it’s my inner 13 year old perv.

NL: I have to say thank you for letting the world into your life Adam. You are definitely an artist with a vision and it shows in your work. I would like to thank you for your generous offer of an artist interview tradition here at Nerdlocker and giving away a print for our social media giveaway.

If you are interested in purchasing some of Adam Saul’s other print or toy work, go to his website

You can also stay informed on Adam’s print drops and newest toy creations, by signing up for his mailing list here. Keep checking Nerdlocker for more giveaways and exclusive interviews!

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