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I don’t know about you but I am so pumped for this! This for me is like having Christmas and every other holiday all rolled up in one on my BIRTHDAY!

So without further ado here is the announcement from Mondo Gallery!

Mondo is excited to unveil the lineup of artists, panels and exhibitors for MondoCon 2015, taking place October 3rd – 4th at The Marchesa Hall & Theater in Austin, TX the weekend following Fantastic Fest.

The convention brings together unique guests from a variety of areas to celebrate film, music, art, and toys with the world’s finest artists, designers, toy creators, directors, composers and more. This year, the convention will be taking advantage of additional exhibitor & event space in the neighboring Holiday Inn Midtown Conference Center.

Below, please find panel descriptions, a mind-blowing live score event, guests in attendance and a preview of Mondo items that will be at the convention including the Army of Darkness LP and a “Lil Mikey” collectible variant only available at MondoCon. Artwork available here.




Spongebob Squarepants – Regular
Artist: Tom Whalen
Print Size: 18″ x 24″
Edition Size: 350


The Rocketeer – Regular
Artist: Martin Ansin
Print Size: 24″ x 36″
Edition Size: 400


The Rocketeer – Variant
Artist: Martin Ansin
Print Size: 24″ x 36″
Edition Size: 200


Mulholland Drive – Regular
Artist: Kevin Tong
Print Size: 24″ x 36″
Edition Size: 300


Mulholland Drive – Variant
Artist: Kevin Tong
Print Size: 24″ x 36″
Edition Size: 150


Jonathan Burton – Regular
Artist: Kevin Tong
Print Size: 24″ x 36″
Edition Size: 325


Jonathan Burton – Variant
Artist: Kevin Tong
Print Size: 24″ x 36″
Edition Size: 150


The Lost Empire
Artist: Rockin’ Jelly Beans
Print Size: 36″ x 18″
Edition Size: 275


Black Swan
Artist: Sam Wolfe Connelly
Print Size: 16″ x 24″
Edition Size: 225



Mondo Talk

Mondo Creative Directors discuss the creative process behind Mondo’s work, showing how the team works with artists to arrive at final images. The panel will include a presentation of alternate concepts and a look at some of the biggest releases of the year.

The Art of Toys and Collectibles

A behind-the-scenes look at the Mondo collectibles line with Creative Director of Toys/Collectibles Brock Otterbacher & a number of special guests. This panel will give fans a look into the toy making process along with a few upcoming release teases!

Pop-Up Record Shop

Continuing in the tradition of this year’s Audyssey pop-up shop, Mondo & Death Waltz Recording Co. are pleased to present the premiere destination for indie soundtrack labels to interact directly with their fans. We have returning favorites from last year as well as some amazing newcomers. We will be carrying selections of our favorite titles from our friends at Data Discs, Tiger Lab, Milan, Light In The Attic, One Way Static,Waxwork Records,Terrorvision Records,Lunaris Records, Monster Worship,Ship To Shore Records,Strange Disc and more!

William Stout Career Retrospective

MondoCon welcomes back the legendary William Stout for a look into his incredible career, which includes design work on over 35 feature films – both Conan the Barbarian films, The Hitcher, Invaders From Mars, First Blood and Return of the Living Dead. This panel will include a myriad of artwork & illustrations from over the years and never-before-told stories about Stout’s time in the industry.

Underscore: A Soundtrack Panel

Record Label Manager Spencer Hickman & Production Manager Mo Shafeek discuss the creative process behind Mondo & Death Waltz’s soundtrack releases. The panel will also include insight into the production process of Vinyl manufacturing for independent labels. Featuring special guest panelists from various other soundtrack labels, distribution and authorities of the medium, as well as announcements and artwork reveals of forthcoming soundtrack releases.

VACVVM Artist Panel 

Members of the illustration collective THE VACVVM discuss the advantages of working with each other, the synergy of a collaborative artistic environment and share information about projects past and future.

Live mural painting by Sam Wolfe Connelly

Sam Wolfe Connelly will be creating a live mural throughout MondoCon to give a fascinating look into the artistic process!

Adventures In Design MondoCon in Lounge

Sit in as Mark Brickey, host of the podcast Adventures in Design, interviews MondoCon artists and guests live throughout both days of the convention.



Umberto ‘Pieces’ Live Score Event

Grindhouse in conjunction with Death Waltz Recording Company presents UMBERTO – Pieces Live Re-score.

In 2012 Matt Hill (Umberto) was commissioned by the Glasgow Film Festival to re-score the 1982 splatter film PIECES and perform it live. The re-score was eventually released on vinyl and CD with the title The Night Has A Thousand Screams and has only ever been performed again at Beyond Fest in 2013… UNTIL NOW! To celebrate Grindhouse releasing PIECES on Blu-ray, we are stoked to bring Matt out to MondoCon to perform his re-score to PIECES for one final time. If you haven’t seen the film, you’re in for a treat. PIECES is one of the most outrageous and legendary of all the low budget 80’s splatter films; it’s over the top in every department, each scene more ridiculous than the last. To see it with a crowd is the best way to truly experience it.  Every attendee at the screening will receive a FREE exclusive colorway of a new Umberto 7′ due on the Death Waltz jukebox series featuring two brand new unreleased tracks. We’ll also have copies of the Rock Action LP. Matt will be signing after the performance.

Toy Masters Documentary (Free Daytime Screening)

When two friends attempt to discover who created their favorite childhood action figure, they end up uncovering a heated battle for credit that’s lasted 30 years and is filled with more colorful characters than any toy store aisle. Filmmakers Roger Lay, Jr. and Corey Landis set out to document the origin of He-Man–the central character in a billion-dollar multi-media franchise–and along the way, they begin to realize that the truth may not be as simple as they’d hoped. Join them as they go from interview to interview of conflicting stories about how it all began–and try to figure out who’s lying and who’s telling the truth–in this fun, informative doc that plays like the ‘King Of Kong’ of the toy world.

Batman (Screening + Poster by Ken Taylor)
In 1989, Tim Burton gave us his incredible version of Batman, combining a masterful blend of gorgeous production design, an incredible soundtrack (from both Prince and Danny Elfman) and the inspired casting of Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. The modern superhero blockbuster was born. We’re extremely excited to present the film in beautiful 35mm at MondoCon this year with a limited edition, screen printed poster by Ken Taylor. Poster is included in the ticket price (purchased separately from the MondCon pass) and only available to attendees.

Halloween (Screening + Poster by Jason Edmiston)
Halloween is arguably the best horror film of all time. A masterclass in less-is-more atmosphere over gore, this quintessential slasher movie has scared generations since its release in 1978. It’s an absolutely pitch-perfect film written, directed & composed by the incredible John Carpenter, and few in the genre have come close to matching its brilliance. If you haven’t seen Halloween on the big screen, you haven’t lived. Don’t miss out on our screening of the film, which will come with a new poster from artist Jason Edmiston.

The Goonies (Screening + Poster)
In 1985, Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg took us on an quest in search of One-Eye Willy’s hidden treasure, with a rag-tag group of kids as our guide. With a perfect blend of adventure, laughs, quotable lines, and that unforgettable Cyndi Lauper tune, Goonies is quintessential 80s nostalgia that will hold up for generations to come. Join us for a screening of the film along with an awesome new poster by an artist to be announced at the show! Poster included in the ticket price (purchased separately from the MondoCon pass).

Black Swan (Screening + Vinyl)
We’re thrilled to release the BLACK SWAN soundtrack (on vinyl for the first time) at MondoCon, and to celebrate we’re hosting a free afternoon screening of the film on Sunday (Oct. 4th) with a discussion of the film’s music with Critic and Composer Brian Satterwhite. Note: You must have a MondoCon wristband to attend the screening.




Florian Bertmer
Mike Saputo
NC Winters
Hi-Def Ninja
Stan & Vince
Matthew Woodson
Kevin Tong
William Stout
Martin Ansin
Ken Garduno
Dave Rapoza
Oliver Barrett
JJ Harrison
JC Richard
Richey Beckett
Tom Haubrick
Rockin’ Jelly Bean
Andy Belanger
Arik Roper
Burlesque of North America
Rob Jones
Todd Slater
Scott C
Static Medium
Becky Cloonan
Middle of Beyond
Ken Taylor
Daniel Danger
Mike Mitchell
Matt Taylor
Draplin Design Co.
Unbox Industries
The Dude Designs
Ciro Nieli
The Vacvvm
Jason Edmiston
Randy Ortiz
Waxwork Records
Brian Ewing
Phantom City Creative
Bernie Wrightson
Francesco Francavilla
Gary Pullin



Mondo Preview

Mondo will have several new items for sale at MondoCon including the Army Of Darkness Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on vinyl and a MondoCon exclusive variant of the “Lil Mikey” collectible figure. Artwork and images available here.

MondoCon will also feature new poster premieres from Ken Taylor, Martin Ansin, Kevin Tong, Aaron Horkey, Tom Whalen & more!


Army Of Darkness

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Composed by Joseph LoDuca
“March Of The Dead Theme” by Danny Elfman
Performed by The Seattle Symphony Orchestra & Chorus
Artwork by Richey Beckett
Pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl & Baby Blue & Black Vortex Swirl (Limited to 1,000 Copies)
Cut at 45RPM for best sound quality


Lil Mikey

Lil Mikey goes old school with the MondoCon exclusive variant of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figure based on artist Mike Mitchell’s Just Like Us series. The Lil Mikey Red & Gray Variant harkens back to when the TMNT comics were Black & White and all of the turtles donned red masks. This version is limited to 100.



And finally, part of what makes MondoCon special is the incredible food for attendees. This year the convention expands its offerings of Austin’s best food trucks.

Hot dogs and fries

Micklethwait Craft Meats
Traditional BBQ

Vegan and Vegetarian Central European

Stony’s Pizza
Pies whole or by the slice

Arlo’s Austin
Vegan comfort food; burgers and tacos

Therapy Coffee
Tea and coffee

Turkish style wraps

Visit the MondoCon official site and follow Mondo on Twitter for more updates:


Mondo is an art gallery and online store devoted to a passionate love of film, art, music and toys. The company has received global recognition for bringing art back to movie poster design and has emerged as one of the leading curators of classic and contemporary film soundtracks on vinyl. Utilizing the talents of world class artists and designers, Mondo produces limited edition, screen printed posters based on film, television and comic properties, working with the leading entertainment brands including DC Comics, HBO, Marvel, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Studios and Warner Brothers as well as filmmakers like Paul Thomas Anderson, Guillermo Del Toro, Zack Snyder, Quentin Tarantino and Edgar Wright. Based in Austin, TX, Mondo operates out of a permanent gallery space, hosting regular exhibitions featuring a blend of breathtaking original artwork and limited edition screen prints. Mondo aspires to be a creative home for artists and designers to work and have their visions realized, whether through posters, gallery shows, vinyl, apparel or toys. Their first convention in 2014, MondoCon, was a celebration of art, music, film and their creators. Mondo is also recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences with a full archive of film posters as part of their research library. The parent company of Mondo is Alamo Drafthouse.

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