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Say hello to Jason Edmiston, a Toronto-based artist who works his magic with paints, watercolors and other mediums. Mondo Gallery here in Austin, Texas has had a piece of Jason’s work in more than a few of their gallery shows in the past and they are always nothing short of amazing.

Finally Mondo will be hosting an exhibition of Jason’s work including original paintings, giclees and screenprints titled A Rogue’s Gallery. It’s an exhibition of villains in movies!

See below for a partial list, or just look at the photos taken by Rainbolt.

Creature from the Black Lagoon
Jason masked and unmasked
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
They Live
Wolf Mayne
General Zod

One thing we like about this show is that if you want an original painting or sketch here, you can afford it. Jason has provided pieces ranging from pencils to inks to full-fledged acrylic paintings. If you don’t want an original, you can pay a fraction of the price for a giclee or screenprint. This is another great gallery show where there is something for everyone.

A Rogue’s Gallery opens tonight August 23 from 7-10 p.m until September 14th.

Take a look at some of Jason’s past work.

Monster-Paintings-by-Jason-Edmiston-05 BJJH9TxCYAAStSp evildead2edmiston Monster-Paintings-by-Jason-Edmiston-04

 About Jason – A commercial illustrator since 1996, Jason has created work for advertising, editorial, packaging and book publishing clients internationally. He is a traditional artist, painting in acrylic on watercolour paper or wood panel. His style ranges from realism to exaggeration, usually emphasizing the figure, and a certain degree of humour or caricature. Jason is often asked to emulate a specific genre of illustration, such as movie posters, pulp covers or retro style advertising. His fondness for pop culture, especially movies and toys often creep into his work.

About Mondo – Mondo is a division of the Alamo Drafthouse championed for bringing art back to movie poster design. Utilizing the talents of world-class artists and designers, Mondo produces limited edition, screen printed posters based on all things film, television and comic properties including Star Wars, The Avengers, DC Comics, Back to the Future and Universal Monsters. In addition to stunning artwork for beloved and future classics, Mondo also releases time-honoured and contemporary movie soundtracks on vinyl, such as Drive, as well as VHS re-issues. Based in Austin, TX, Mondo operates out of a permanent gallery space hosting regular exhibitions featuring a blend of breathtaking original artwork and limited edition screen prints. Having worked with filmmakers such as Guillermo del Toro, Wes Craven, Zack Snyder and Duncan Jones, Mondo has also partnered with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to further archive and preserve the company’s growing collection of original film posters.. 4115 Guadalupe St. Austin TX 78751

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